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Sh. Yudhvir Sethi seeks authorized taxi stand for private operators

‘Move to ease congestion, help drivers’

Seeing the difficulties being faced by over 1000 taxi operators of J&K State with regards to parking and public utilities, BJP Vice President Yudhvir Sethi led a deputation of J&K Owners and Drivers Taxi Union to Divisional Commissioner and apprised him of their issues seeking the redressal. He sought authorized taxi stand, public conveniences, dormitories, water and electricity facilities so that private taxis are not parked in haphazard manner on city roads.

Rajinder Singh, President of president J&K Owners and Drivers Taxi Union, Sunny Sehgal was also present. Yudhvir Sethi while apprising Divisional Commissioner of taxi operators problems said that in absence of proper and authorized shelter taxis are parked on roads and even open spaces thereby causing inconvenience to public. Even the truck operators for most of the time sleep in their vehicles during nights facing great hardships.

Seeking proper shelter and workshops for these operators, Yudhvir Sethi said there’s are about 1000 registered taxi operators having valid permits to ply their taxis in J&K State. In absence of their stand or shelter they are forced to park their vehicles in premises of travel agents who charge them and even passengers indirectly. Once the shed is constructed this issue will be resolved and passengers will also be hiring their taxis from an authorised stand.

The taxi operators, Yudhvir Sethi said are also willing to pay parking charges for their vehicles and also using other utilities in that shelter. He apprised the Divisional Commissioner that this move will help city roads get cleared off haphardous parking and also help taxi operators. He added that many a times it has also been observed that these operators park their vehicles on Tawi bridge posing serious threat to commuters and other road users.

Once an identified parking space is by built for these taxi operators, traffic will also ease and city will get relieved of choking roads. The Divisional Commissioner gave a patient hearing and assured that the matter would be taken up in right quarters so that this problem is addressed for the convenience of both road users as well as private taxi operators.