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SHRC recommendations in Human shield case not in interest of National cause: Prof. Kaul

BJP Human Rights cell State Convenor, Prof. Kaul, while expressing concern over the order of SHRC, said that such an order will demoralize the security forces and undermine the institution of Army which is known world over as the most professional institution. The order of SHRC could promote the cult of stone pelting in Kashmir and hurt the national sentiments. It will further help in raising the morale of anti-national in the valley.

SHRC has created a controversy by directing the state government to pay compensation of Rs 10 lacks for the ring leader of stone pelters, Farooq Ahmed Dar who was used as a human shield by the Army. Such kind of incentives would further encourage the miscreants and anti nationals in causing wide spread deaths and destruction all across the valley. Spontaneous act of Major Gogi helped in not only saving the lives of polling staff and security personals but also those of stone pelters who had assembled to cause injuries to the army and polling party. His act was solely for the purpose of saving the lives of the masses. These stone pelters who swarm into the crowds from every direction and throw stones on security forces to obstruct the anti-terrorist operations are the worst enemies of the people and the valley. Let the state government take the stand that Dar was not tortured and nor hurt. There was no threat to life either of Dar or the protestors from Major Gogi and his unit.

No human rights violations take place when any army jawan, police or civilian is killed in the combat, but it is opposite, when a militant is killed. SHRC is only a recommendatory body and its recommendations are not binding on the government. SHRC should also take a notice of the martyrs (Amarnath yatris) and sanction double the amount for them also. It is the government who has to take the right decision in upholding the National cause. Meanwhile the decision of SHRC has drawn wide spread criticism from cross sections of the society and members of legal fraternity.