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Speed up the process of computerizing the land records : Prof. Virender Gupta

J&K BJP State spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta in a statement asked the Jammu and Kashmir government to speed up the process of computerizing the land records and make them available to the public in English language along with Hindi and Urdu. This is essential in the light of the fact the students of Jammu and Kashmir, have now are encouraged to learn their mother tongue, and particularly Kashmiri and Dogri written in Persian and Devnagri scripts. Making available the computerized land records in English, Dogri and Kashmiri shall avoid the harassment of public that they generally face in the revenue department in the identification and demarcation of the land owned by them. It shall also avoid the litigations on account of land disputes giving relief to the public who are generally victimized and harassed by the revenue authorities for years together. The cases of land grabbing both of public and government shall be minimized.
Prof. Virender further said that Urdu language, though it is accepted as a State official language, but it is not the mother tongue of any of the sections/groups of the society who are permanent state subjects of Jammu and Kashmir. Therefore, he said that Urdu language in Persian script cannot be thrust upon the people of the state who have varied culture and speak different languages as their mother tongue.
He further added that it shall ease out the problems of the people who use Devnagri script provided if Urdu language be written in Devnagri script along with Persian script. The step shall also help in popularizing the Urdu language among the masses. Even Munshi Prem Chand and Krishan Chandra, renowned Hindi writers, shifted from Persian script to Devnagri script for reaching to the public. Most of the Urdu writers in the country too have been using Devnagri script in order to popularize their literary works.