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Stop criticising us; look at your track record: BJP

With no issues at hand, opposition parties are only resorting to criticism of Bharatiya Janata Party because they are unable to digest the achievements of Narendra Modi government during the past two years. As per Brigadier Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of BJP “It has become a fashion both at the national as well as state level to criticise the BJP because of its growing popularity with the masses. Feeling threatened of their very existence, these political parties are desperately trying to create an environment of uncertainty and mistrust through false and motivated propaganda to distract BJP from its main agenda of development.”
Reacting sharply to the recent statements of the leaders of NC, Congress and JKNPP, Brig Gupta said that when these parties enjoyed the mandate of the people, they did nothing but looted the state exchequer, ignored the common masses, deprived the people of basic necessities of Pani, Bijli aur Sadak, made false promises and provided the worst type of governance. Despite the fact that people realised the divisive and communal agenda of NC and showed them the door, it is ironical that the Abdullahs are still harping the old tune of NC being the only secular party. In fact, the stand taken by the party on NEET issue has clearly demonstrated the party’s ideology of regionalism, communalism and separatism.
Exposing the Congress, Brig Gupta said that it is a party of scams with no political agenda or ideology. Its state unit is a divided house with small factions, each furthering its own agenda without any direction or central policy. Its leaders who are known for their corrupt practices while in government are now making tall claims and promises unmindful of the fact that the people have not only lost faith in them but their party as well. JKNPP which was totally wiped out during the elections is now trying to champion the cause of Jammu. The party should first restore the credibility of their leaders who did nothing for the cause of Jammu till date including the period they were in the government said Brig Gupta. On the other hand apart from visible infrastructure development the Modi government in a short span of two years has launched more than 50 people friendly welfare schemes, the benefits of which are reaching directly to the intended beneficiaries. To quote just one example, under PM Mudra Yojna 2.75 crore people have been given loan amounting to Rs. 99,467 crore during the last financial year, which has led to true empowerment of young and needy entrepreneurs.