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Sunil Sethi addressed a press conference on issue of GST and clarified stand of the party

State Bharatiya Janata Party Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi addressed a press conference on issue of GST and clarified stand of the party. He claimed that adoption of Constitutional Amendment for bringing GST regime to the state is big victory of the party and in its belief of One Strong and United Nation. He said that after 1975 no constitutional amendment has been adopted by state except on two occasions, in 1986 when constitutional amendment to anti defection laws and in 1991 to adopt lowering of age in Parliamentary Elections from 21 to 18. The impression that state is not adopting Constitutional Amendment to satisfy feelings to separate identity in some segment of citizens of state stood dispels now by adoption of Constitutional Amendment 101. The Separatists and disruptive elements have been given sound slapping by people of state By adoption of provisions of Constitution of India and it has been firmly stated that state will move with rest of country in path to progress being shown by dynamic leadership of Prime Minister and state will also reap fruits in fiscal benefits arising out of visionary and path breaking steps being taken by Central government in the interest of Nation and its people. Sunil Sethi said that though Constitutional Amendment could have been adopted by state govt simply by according concurrence of state cabinet, still it decided to have broader discussions so that all political parties are taken on board and also they get a chance to stand with the govt in an important historical event in the larger interest of people of state but unfortunately NC and Congress as also some elected leaders from Valley chose not to stand with the progress of people but resisted bonafide desire of state, for petty political gains which is very unfortunate. He further assured traders and Industrialists that existing benefits being given to them would continue and BJP will ensure that in new regime all their concerns are addressed. He said party will provide all opportunities to local traders and manufacturers to do business with ease in state in an honest and responsive new GST regime.