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BJP committed to promote dogri language culture

Taking note of recent controversy over Reservations of posts of Assistant Professors for Kashmiri language at College level in Jammu region and apprehensions of Jammuites that Kashmiri language may not be promoted at the cost of Dogri language, State Bharatiya Janta Party has clarified that party has ensured that Govt reserve equal number of posts for Dogri language of Assistant Professors.

State Bharatiya Janta Party Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi in a press conference specially called on the subject, said that it is commitment of Bharatiya Janta Party to people of Jammu region that it will ensure promotion of Dogri language and Dogra and Dogra Culture and Heritage on the very best way . He said all languages are equally important and should be equally encouraged and Bharatiya Janta Party in Alliance Govt will ensure that.

He said decision of govt to introduce Dogri language as one of six languages which are to be chosen compulsory in primary classes in school will ensure spread and propagation of the language in new generations which will in turn ensure progress of the rich language.

Sunil Sethi further called upon public to use Dogri language in their day to day life and also to ensure the communication in Dogri language with new generations. Unless public itself promote the language, which has been added in eighth schedule after lot of struggle, mere govt efforts will not enough to ensure place to Dogri which it deserves. He also called upon Dogri writers and poets to make contributions for promotion of Dogri.

Sunil Sethi said that these days Dogri language is not being patronized by young generations which is really worrisome . The young generation should be proud of its language, heritage, culture , cuisine and way of life .

Chief Spokesperson called upon the govt to open Dogra Heritage Centres in Jammu , Srinagar and Delhi to start with where rich Dogra History and culture and Heritage be showcased along With Dogri food so that Dogra way of life is known to people outside Jammu region too . Simplicity and bravery of Dogras is legendary and efforts should be made by State Govt to project and propagate Culture of Great Nationalistic Dogra community.