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Teachers  are  the  real  architects of the society :Dr.Gagan Bhagat


R.S Pura, A program was organized at the Govt.Higher Secondry School R.S Pura on the occasion of Teachers day where M.L.A, R.S Pura, Dr.Gagan Bhagat was the chief guest . The R.S Pura Constituency yesterday, like rest of the country observed Teachers’ Day and saluted the teachers for their commendable contribution in building the society. In the Constituency level function held here, Dr.Gagan Bhagat demanded that September 5 should be celebrated like a National level festival in all the schools across the state in honor and respect for the teachers. Students from the institution honored the teachers with gifts and later entertained them with songs, act play etc.    “Teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions, mediocre teacher teaches, teacher explains, superior teacher demonstrates, great teacher inspires,” said Dr.Gagan Bhagat while speaking at the teachers day celebration at the Government Higher Secondary School R.S Pura and was the first public representative to visit school and celebrated this day with the students and teachers. The legislator paid rich tribute and gratitude to the teachers stating that the gratefulness and respect ‘we’ have for the teachers should not only for one day but should continue to acknowledge them in years to come. Asserting education as a continuous pursuit of excellence where individuals, organizations, civilizations and nations are known to have continuously striven towards the path of excellence he said the concept of excellence is not unique to any individual or institution, “Any person or organization which endeavors to bring quality in his/her work and life are in the pursuit of Excellence, I believe you and everyone are in pursuit of this excellence,” said Dr.Gagan.He acknowledged the schools for actively participating in various competitions conducted under the department of school education. Subscribing that teachers are the real history maker, a nation builder, Dr.Gagan further said that teachers are the most honorable group of people that one comes across in life who are not only a selfless giver but also mentors of life. He said the teachers impart not just knowledge but also the wisdom to become good and responsible citizens. Maintaining that education department is one of the biggest departments in the state that touches almost all the families at one time or the other, he said the department is going through a difficult time, however the department is striving to tide the problem with the support of the B.J.P coalition government and the people adding that “We need to appreciate the vastness of the department to understand the problems it faces”.With the rapid expansion of modern technological advancements. The role of a teacher has become complicated and manifold, thereby urged the teachers to master with the modern tools and use it for effective dissemination of knowledge. The revamping and restructuring of the department of school education has been done as an incentive to promote quality and value education and to strengthen the implementation and monitoring of various programmes under the department he added. Dr.Gagan maintained that teachers has to be in the forefront of this revolution, and appealed the teachers to realize that they have greater responsibility in molding and guiding the young children to the best possible directions and also urged to take up challenges ahead and make sacrifices wherever required like a true teachers so that society and country can prosper. Later the students presented Plants to be planted on the auspicious Teachers day as a gift to their teachers , and an AAMLA tree was planted in the campus by Dr.Gagan Bhagat citing that it has great nutritious value. Romesh Lata Gupta a senior teacher in her welcome note applauded the teachers for their efforts stating that teachers are the creator of good leaders, sportsman and good citizen. She  also appealed to all types of teachers, be it government, private or tutors to re-dedicate themselves to mould for the betterment of the society. The programme was marked by short play, folk songs, quartet and songs presented by different students of the school. were honored as the best teachers with gifts for the academic session. Principal of the school K.L Raina delivered vote of thanks. Prominent among those who were present included Z.E.O Miran Sahib N.R Verma,H.D.O Rakesh Kumar ,E.O R.S Pura Jodhraj,Tehsildaar R.S Pura Sohan Rana, S.H.O R.S Pura ,BJP Mandal Pradhan R.S Pura Natharam,Nagar Pradhan Inder Sudan,BJYM Pradhan Abhishek Gupta,BJYM Nagar Pradhan Manoj Raina,Noubat Ram,Vikas Sharma ,Vinod Choudhary,Rajesh Babbu,and others.