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Thakur condemns Karra’s statement

‘He tries to vitiate the peace, create communal hatred’

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Media Incharge Kashmir condemned the senior Congress leader Tariq Hamid Karra’s statements that ‘Islam is under threat and Muslims should do Jihad’, reported a local daily published from Jammu.
The newspaper reported that fight against the incumbent PDP and BJP as ‘Jihad’ and those fighting against them as ‘Mujahideen’, which is highly condemnable.
Thakur said that it was an attempt to polarize the situation and to create wedge against different faiths. “This is a political stunt to garner the sympathy of voters, but can prove costly for the peace in the state,” he added.
“Government should take strong note of his statement and strict action against Karra,” Thakur added.