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There should be no politics in condemning Pakistan: Brig Gupta

Bharatiya Janata Party has asked the valley-based political leaders to rise above party politics and condemn Pakistan in unison for its deep rooted involvement in terrorist activities in Kashmir. It is ironical that the leaders of the Party which was in forefront of rejecting the two-nation theory and religion based division of the country are today furthering Pakistan’s agenda in Kashmir by demanding talks at a time when Pakistan has crossed all limits of humanity by spilling the blood of innocent citizens of the state be it on LOC/IB/hinterland rued Brigadier Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of the Party. Condemning the terrorist incident that took place on the premises of SMHS Hospital Srinagar, Brigadier Gupta said that the Pakistani hand is obvious in the said terror act because out of the six terrorists taken for medical check-up to the hospital, the only Pakistani terrorist among them was freed from the clutches of the police by his colleagues. “It appears to be a pre-planned operation in which involvement of some insiders cannot be ruled out. A thorough inquiry needs to be done to ascertain manifold lapses and identification of black sheep who assisted in the whole plan. Rooting out of these black sheep is mandatory for elimination of terrorism from the state,” said Brigadier Gupta.
Dwelling further on the issue, Brig Gupta explained that the said incident highlights the domination of Security Forces over the terrorists operating in the valley resulting in the elimination of Pakistani terrorists and their leadership. Pakistan is finding it extremely difficult to infiltrate fresh lots due to the highly successful anti-infiltration grid established by the Army on the LOC. Despite unprovoked ceasefire violations targeting the civilian population and creating a fear-psychosis among the brave border and LOC dwellers, Pakistan has failed repeatedly in its endeavour to push terrorists into our territory. “In order to overcome the dearth of Pakistani commanders and terrorists, who mastermind and execute terrorist acts at the behest of ISI, it has now evolved the new strategy of freeing them from police custody and organise their escapes. It is similar to the strategy of looting of banks and cash vans to overcome the lack of financial resources due to tightening the screws on terror funding from Pakistan. Daring attacks on jails or jail breaks with the help of black sheep also form part of this new strategy. The unified command under the leadership of the CM needs to plan a counter-strategy immediately,” stated Brig Gupta.
Brig Gupta also questioned the NC President, Dr Farooq Abdullah, for his frequent anti-Army statements and blaming Indian Army for the current situation in Kashmir while giving a clean chit to Pakistan. Reminding Dr Abdullah of the role played by Indian Army in maintaining a safe and secure environment in the State, Brig Gupta said, “But for the sacrifices of the Indian Army since 1947, you would not have dared to move and speak as freely and fearlessly as you do now.” Pakistan is no friend or sympathiser of Kashmiris but has a single point agenda of disintegrating India and by toeing Pakistan’s line instead of condemning these leaders are only helping Pakistan to achieve its aim, cautioned the spokesperson.