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Time not conducive to hold dialogue: Prof. Virender

State BJP Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta, while reacting to the statements issued by the leaders of the State opposition parties in a meeting chaired by National Conference President, Dr. Farooq Abdullah asking for holding dialogue between India and Pakistan in order to resolve Jammu and Kashmir issue, said that numerous dialogues were held between the two countries before 1971 and after that but no solution could be reached and added that even Prime Minister, Narendra Modi made number of attempts to have a cordial relations with Pakistan and initiate dialogue with Pakistan to resolve the pending issues between the two countries but his attempts remained fruitless because of Pakistan inner politics, where writ of the army runs.

He said that BJP is also deeply concerned about the prevailing situation in the Valley, the hardships those Kashmiri are suffering and added that governments, both at the centre and the state level are putting their best possible efforts to bring normalcy and peace in the Valley. He asked the opposition leaders to address Pakistan asking it to stop waging proxy war against India by indulging in sponsoring and supporting terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that prevailing situation in the Valley is not conducive for the dialogue when armies of both the countries are facing each other on the borders,  there is continuous provocations by Pakistan army by shelling heavy gun fires from across the borders and its intruders in Jammu and Kashmir creating dangerous situation through their terrorist activities. He expressed his deep anguish that none of the leaders of the opposition parties tried to reach the people to bring normalcy but instead, some of them tried to instigate the Kashmiri masses to deteriorate the situation.

Prof. Virender expressed his surprise that Dr. Farooq Abdullah refrained from commenting on Uri attack and that the opposition demand of holding dialogue between India and Pakistan coincides with that of Hurriyat, which also made the similar demand on the same day.

The Spokesperson appealed the opposition leaders to work in unison with the state and centre to restore peace in the Valley and start the process of interacting with the people to put them on the right track.