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Time to rethink on female foeticide : Bijral

Women alone resued India in Rio

When second most populous country in world and the largest ever Rio Olympic contingent was rescued from wash off in terms of medal tally by women only, it’s time we think: ‘do we really not need girl child to be born despite her being strong enough to excel in any eventuality despite the odds?’
Proud of Pusarla Venkata Sindhu, famous P.V. Sindhu, winning silver medal in badminton creating history in India, Sakhshi Malik winning bronze in wrestling and Dipa Karmakar making it amongst finalists in gymnastics and earning fourth place (the first ever for any Indian) in Rio Olympics 2016, S. S. Bijral State Convener Beti Bachao Beti Padhao said our girl child is a disguised beautiful selfless soul. Over centuries, the selfish society made no effort to know her capabilities, instead strived to let her not be born, ensured she stayed weak physically and mentally, to be at mercy of man and confined. Bijral said otherwise born strong, she was rendered weak, and termed ‘weak sex‘ and made dependant.
Bijral reminding society words of 12th century Islamic scholar IBU Rsd aka Averroes; “ We have no ideas what capacities woman have other than reproductive functions. For this we turn them into man’s servant to feed and raise children. This destroys whatever other quality is there in them”, said the girl child is gift of God as future mother. For we worship God she deserves to be welcomed, nurtured and groomed like child of male gender. Not welcoming and celebrating her birth , under nourish her, ignore her education, discourage her from sports and keep her morale low for maintained subjugation. He said thus we suppress her gifted capabilities to her disadvantage, to the disadvantage of home she serves as first role model and finally the nation.
Former IGP Bijral said likes of P.V. Sindhu, Sakhshi Malik and Dipa Karmaker and many other women who have earned laurels for country in sports before, have by their prowess confirmed centuries old truth stated by Ibu Rasd aka Averroes. This, he said, happened as their parents nourished their physique and intellect and brought out their hidden gifted abilities, generally remaining suppressed, otherwise, in others.
Motivated by scintillating performance of the there in Rio Olympic, S. S. Bijral made fervent appeal to fellow Indians to rethink about resorting to female foeticide – the greatest sin in the realm of God we worship, and against nation we say our first love.