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Time to rise against anti national elements by Kashmiris

Ms Tanveer Baba State Executive Member Bhartiya Janta Party in a statement has said :-

Time has come to defeat touch feet politicians in J&K so that the mindset of Kashmiri people is changed. Kashmiris have a burning desire to sail with the nation but for touch feet politicians like SH. GULAM NABI AZAD and other CONGRESS LEADERS anti national elements rise their heads. NIT Srinagar turmoil is an example .Cricket teams of both INDIA and PAKISTAN have been defeated in T-20 matches. Can some kashmiri politicians introspect what have they gained or lost by raising anti-national tirade for last sixty years. Such politicians seem to be unprincipled in their ideaology, and conviction. Congress has not uttered a single word regarding cane charging of students in NIT Srinagar. it is right time that a new chapter is started so that Kashmiri or non Kashmiri students , Kashmiri and non Kashmiri people do not suffer on J&K soil. The sufferings of Kashmiri men women, children and students is clossal for last two decades. Time for Kashmiris to ponder what has been lost or gained for last sixty years (Enough is Enough). Let all Kashmiris muster courage to defeat the designs of touch feet politicians so that a situation that cropped up in NIT Srinagar does not arise again. Please recall Mr. OMAR ABDULLAH had said that Mr.GULAM NABI AZAD will touch the feet of political parties so that he has a berth in RAJYASABHA. True he has touched the feet of OMAR ABDULLAH.