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To reach out the common people standing in queues due to paucity of cash in the wake of the demonetization move launched by Prime Minister of India, Narendar Bhai Modi, to recover the Black Money and curb the menace of corruption from all over the India, BJP Unit Rajouri under the leadership of MLC Vibod Gupta, set up stalls outside some banks and served refreshments to those standing in long queues.
BJP workers along with MLC were seen serving water, tea and snacks to people standing in long queues outside banks/ATMs. Gupta while interacting with the people said that, we had put some stalls in front of banks and ATMs and served water, tea and snacks to people, especially senior citizens as the people are standing with the cause of the Nation.
Long queues were seen outsides banks since Prime Minister NarendraModi announced scrapping of banknotes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 to curb black money and corruption. Gupta said that no doubt for the few days, people have to face hardships but it’s the cause of the nation and people are happy with this move.
People standing in queues said, they can stand for the nation for whole life and this is a common cause and standing for the same for more than 2-3 hours is no issue.
Gupta while interacting with media strongly condemned the statement of Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad for comparing the demonetisation of higher currency notes with Pakistan terror attacks. “Leader of opposition is insulting nation by making such remarks. He insulted people by comparing government’s decision with Pak terror attacks. He should apologisea,” sai.Gupta also said that opposition parties are not happy with this move as they have to hide their illegal accumulated wealth/ money banks. Modi Ji’s decision is in favour of Common people of India and the Tax which shall be collected from the Income being deposited in Banks, shall be used for the development of the Nation. It was ModiJi’s dream to make India corruption free and this is a major move in this regard.
Gupta said that Modi led Government at Centre and PDP-BJP coalition in the State is committed to weed out corruption, nepotism and misrule form public life, work for betterment and upliftment of common masses and launching of new currency is appreciable step taken by the Prime Minister of India.
Gupta also interacted with the Bank authorities of various Banks operating in Rajouri and asked them to cooperate with the people and facilitate the common people, so that they shall not suffer. Gupta also said that he shall also talk to SSP Rajouri to provide the adequate security at all the Branches, so that no notorious one can create any hindrance in facilitation process by the Bank. Gupta said that people, especially the poor, need support and Volunteers should offer help, them out by standing with them and filling of their forms, if they need.

Mr. Kamal Bakshi, Sr. BJP Leader said that the Government functionaries are leaving no stone unturned in facilitating people and appealed the authorities to serve the people and no genuine person should be made to suffer by adopting delaying tactics. He also made a fervent appeal to all people to keep patience, this shall benefit all in future. Other prominent who were accompanying Mr. Gupta were Vijay Gupta, Attam Gupta, Vishal Dutta, Shiv Sharma, Nishu Gupta