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Why Abdullahs are silent on Neem expose: Prof Virender

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta in a statement questioned Dr. Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah for their silence on the revelation made by the separatist leader Naeem Khan and the statement of hard core terrorist, Zakir Mussa. He said that though it was well known to the world community that the separatism and terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir is being funded by Pakistan, ISI, Hafiz Sayeed and by the extremist elements of Saudi Arab, but the confession of Naeem Khan (of Geelani Faction), Gazi Javed Baba (Tehreek-e-Hurriyat) and Farooq Ahmed Dar (Bitta Karate of JKLF) that all the separatist leaders are being funded by Hafiz Sayeed and other agencies named above for creating turmoil in the Valley and that the stone pelters to are being funded. He further added that hidden agenda of the separatist leaders is not for political solution of Jammu and Kashmir issue but it is to make Jammu and Kashmir as an Islamic state and as a part of Pakistan and added that it was Zakir Mussa who first time said so openly that present struggle against India is no for any political solution but it is for making Jammu and Kashmir as an Islamic State and supported the ISIS ideology.

Prof. Virender said that Farooq Abdullah is required to answer for his commotional speeches that he delivered before or during the bi-election of Srinagar Parliamentary constituency wherein he supported the movement being launched by the separatist and terrorist elements and declared himself as part of the movement of Azadi.

The spokesperson said looking at the expose on Hurriyat leaders and the statement of Zakir Mussa, Farooq’s repeated statements of holding negotiations with Pakistan and separatist leaders carry no weight and looked immature. He said that no country can afford to hold negotiations on the issue of parting away a part of its territory. He added that any political solution that can be worked out has to take into account the aspirations of people of Jammu and Ladakh regions and the major but silent population of the Valley who feel discriminated and suffocated in the prevailing hegemony of a particular section of Kashmiri population that has been dominating the politics of Jammu and Kashmir since its accession with India.    

Prof. Virender Gupta criticized NC Jammu Provincial President Devendra Singh Rana for his regular false propaganda against BJP for playing decisive politics while turning deaf ears towards the role of National Conference and its leaders which was against the interests of people of Jammu region and the country as a whole and added that NC leaders always played communal pro-separatist and pro-Pakistan card to serve their political ends.