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Winning now habit of BJP: Sh. Ram Lal

In a bid to ensure the ground implementation of party agenda right to the ground level, BJP held a crucial party meeting ahead of Assembly session and Panchayat Polls and witnessed the vital presence of BJP National General Secretary (Org.) Ram Lal along with Union Minister in PMO Dr. Jitendra Singh which was chaired by BJP State President Sat Sharma along with Dy. CM Dr. Nirmal Singh, State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul, MP Lok Sabha Jugal Kishore Sharma and MLC Ashok Khajuria. Meeting saw the threadbare discussions on Panchayat elections and Organizational Matters.

Ram Lal, while addressing the meeting, focussed on various points taken by BJP National President Amit Shah during his visit to the city of Temples earlier this year and taking cognizance of their implementation in letter and spirit. He said that the election scenario in the J&K is different from the other states owing to its difficult topography and emphasized that BJP being a true National party and committed to its agenda of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas” never discriminates on basis of region, religion or creed, that’s why it has succeeded in filling the ditch of mistrust among two major regions of state. He said that the winning is now habit of BJP and one is surprised on the loss of even a single by-poll. He emphasized on direct and continuous touch between the elected representative and office bearers of party.

Sat Sharma welcomed National General Secretary (Org.) in meeting, while thanking him for his presence in meeting and congratulated him for the convincing win of party in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. He focussed on increased need of coordination in party leaders and activists for the growth of party and extension of party ideology into every corner of region in view of approaching Panchayat elections. He prompted all party leaders to strategise effectively to ensure win of every party supported candidate.

Dr. Jitendra Singh shared his invaluable experiences as Seh-Prabhari in Gujarat elections while stating that total technique of elections has transformed owing to improved technology emphasizing that BJP has an advantage due to world’s most regarded and successful Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that despite being the false propagandas propagated by Congress in the then poll bound Gujarat, it was the clean and good governance of Modi Government and organizational skills of Amit Shah that won the end battle. He also emphasized on the role of “Panna Pramukh” in ensuring the win, while saying “Har Din, Naya Din”.

Dr. Nirmal Singh emphasized on role of party MLAs and Ministers in the present Assembly in the state of Jammu & Kashmir and said that a regular dialogue process between the party and government has been an asset to the present dispensation for which the regular Coordination Committee Meetings are being organized from time to time consisting of senior party leaders from both the parties. He also stressed on tackling the opposition while recounting on the achievements of State Government.

Ashok Kaul stressed on the improved coordination of all party functionaries for the implementation of organizational agenda within the general public. He also stressed on the role of Dstrict Presidents and Incharges as well the Shakti Kendra over the booths. He also detailed about the constructive role of party Vistaraks in the implementation of the good governance as well as the focus on winning crucial Panchayat Polls emphasizing on the mantra of “Panchayat to Parliament” given by Party National President.

State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh detailed about the ongoing schedule of meeting by party Ministers with activists in a bid to further the cause of organization and address their concerns.

State General Secretary Pawan Khajuria spoke on the party’s endeavour to improve the relations between the MLAs and the ground level activists of the party and carried the proceedings of stage.

BJP State Office Bearers, BJP Ministers, MLAs, MLCs, Chairpersons & Vice-Chairpersons of Boards and Corporations, District Presidents, Morcha Presidents and Organizational General Secretaries of various districts were present in the meeting.