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Sau Chuhe Kha Kar——-it’s too late Mr. Abdullah

While taking a dig at Mr Farooq Abdullah for giving regular sermons about secularism, unity and amity Harinder Gupta state general secretary of BJP said, “ Not used to living without perks of power Dr Abdullah is finding it very difficult to reconcile to the reality. He has suddenly become a great proponent of secularism, unity and amity and a champion of the cause of Jammu. It in any case has been a trait of the Abdullahs to sing different tunes in Kashmir, Jammu & Delhi. However, the people of the state understood their game plan and gave them a befitting reply in the parliamentary and state elections. He has now expressed concern about divisive attempts under the garb of ultra-nationalism but conveniently forgets the omissions and commissions of his party in encouraging regionalism and divisive politics in the past.” Dr. Abdullah has many questions to answer to the people of this state. It is easy to give sermons now but what he did while in power is what the people want to know.
Being responsible for the mass exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits from Valley he and his party did not make till date any effort for their safe and honourable return. The party when in power failed to protect their properties and shrines. The notorious speech made by his son Omar Abdullah in the Lok Sabha at the time of Bum Bum Bhole agitation still rings in the ears of people of Jammu. The scars of Kishtwar riots planned and supervised by one of the ministers of his party are yet to heal. Diversions of funds meant for Jammu to Kashmir were ordered by none other than the governments headed by his party. As per Harinder Gupta “Communalism, regionalism, ignoring the voice of the people of Jammu & Ladakh and their political subjugation has been the hall mark of National Conference, a family legacy of the Abdullahs, ever since 1947. It is therefore apt to say “Sau Chuhe Kha Kar, Billi Haj ko Chali.”