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A foundation stone of community hall of Prajapati Sabha at Indra chowk laid down by Sh. Rajesh Gupta

A foundation  stone of community  hall of Prajapati Sabha at Indra chowk  laid down by Hon’able MP Jugal kishore sharma. MOS Smt. Priya Sethi & Jammu East MLA Sh. Rajesh Gupta. In this programme MP Jugal kishore said that these type of community halls is the necessity of the community. and the prajapati community is in the other backward class.and this community is very much sufferer  due to ignorance of previous his address he said our Hon’able Prime Minister  Narendera Modi  is working for the the upliftment of the weaker society.
In this programme MOS Priya sethi said that our govt   is working for various heritage projects like mubarak mandi and gandola  and also she congratulated on the eve of Ramnavmi  & Dusshera festival.
In this programme MLA Rajesh Gupta said I am  working for the welfare of the society and our deputy  Chief Minister Dr. Nirmal Singh  is our inspiration of working he himself checks all the on going a days our deputy c.m. is himself becomes  a man of development. And in his address he thanks and appreciated the work of Hon’able MP Sh. Jugal kishore  sharma  who has been instrumental in initiating the today’s project and also thanks MOS Priya  Sethi  for setting and allotting  her C.D.F in his constituency. The on going work costs 31lakhs and it is contributed by MP Sh. Jugal kishore sharma who gave Rs  10 lakhs from his MPLAD and MOS Priya Sethi gives Rs 10 lakhs from her CDF and Jammu East MLA Sh. Rajesh Gupta contributed Rs 11 lakhs from his CDF.
In this programme they are accompanied by JMC officials R.S. Jamwal joint commissioner. xen joginder bhagat. Aee pathania.and  j.e.s.k.raina and also accompanied  by aee pdd m.p.singh And also accompanied by bjp leaders Sh Yudhvir Sethi State Vice President .Prof Sham.Pardeep Sharma. Gobind sareen. Rajkumar Gupta. Kuldeep. Anil.ramniwas.anju dogra.
Prominents : rajkumar.Rajesh nischal.amit. saroj.sharda. savita annand.sushil. arun  sethi. Raju sethi and from parajapati sabha krishan Lal & ajeet singh