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Let elders counsel misled youth of valley: BJP

The state unit of BJP is extremely concerned since day one about the unrest in Kashmir and wishes that peace and normalcy return as early as possible so that the life becomes normal and common working class people get rid of the hardships faced by them. The BJP appeals the elders in the valley to initiate counselling and educate the misled youth about the harms caused to the valley, its economy and their studies by continuing and indulging in agitational activities.

This was stated by BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan, while criticising the separatists for exploiting the young boys in Kashmir by provoking them to indulge in stone pelting on police and security forces, who are performing their duties to help administration in maintaining law and order. He said that the present situation is helping only the cause of Pakistan, which has no concern or feeling for the sufferings of the common people of the valley.

Balbir Ram Rattan said that the elders of the valley should realize that a very miniscule number of saboteurs are provoking and prodding the impressionable young teenagers to indulge in stone throwing and thereby hold the entire valley to ransom and bring life to standstill. The working labour class, daily wagers, artisans and small traders are suffering enormously on account of dislocation caused by the continuous closures. The fruit season is also at its peak and a long shadow has been cast on it by the stone pelting activities. This stone pelting must stop immediately otherwise the economy of the valley will further suffer tremendous loss.

As responsible citizens also, it becomes the duty of the valley intellectuals, opinion makers and senior citizens to educate the young boys to not to play in the hands of separatists and anti-national elements, who are using them as instruments to run their own shops, he said.

“Let the shutters of the shops run by separatists and anti-national elements come down”, said Balbir and added that the separatists have to ensure that they gain some value of nuisance somewhat given their total marginalization in the valley’s political firmament since long. Let the people of the valley take initiative, rise to the occasion and prevail upon the youth to return to their classes and not to occupy streets.