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A function was organized by the federation of the Ware House Nehru Market at the Chamber office

A function was organized  by the federation of the Ware House Nehru Market at the chamber Office Jammu to welcome the honourable MLA Sh. Rajesh Gupta & the newly elected MLC Sh .Vikram Ramdhawa
The office bearers of the federation welcomed the honourable MLA & MLC with a bouquets of flower and shawls were also presented to them on the ocassion.On the occassion the federation demanded a transformer & a watercooler for the ware house traders and on the spot MLA Rajesh gupta issued a letter from his CDF for the installation of a transformer at the cost of Rs 3.40 lakhs.
The MLA was accompanied by PDD officials Supd. Eng.Sudhir Gupta & PWD officials Xen Rajan Mengi.& JDA officials Xen Anil pandohi and also accompanied by federation officials president Sh.Rajesh Gupta,Gen Secy. Deepak Gupta,Munish Gupta,Dharampal Gupta ,Ashok Gupta,Rahul Gupta and also senior members of the federation Rattan Lal Gupta ,Naresh Pradhan ,Ashwani Sharma,Balkrishan,Mangal Murti and Kirti.
The members of the federation gave special thanks to the MLA Rajesh Gupta for the prompt action taken in the black topping of the market roads.Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the ocassion said that ware house traders have played an important role in the development of the business and commerce in the area.He said that the business activity of the ware house generates lot of employment opportunities for the people of Jammu and also helps in the maintenance of the essential supplies to the nooks and corners of the state including Kashmir region.
MLC Vikram Randhawa while speaking on the ocassion said that the federation can always look up to him for any service that they may require in the future.
The prominent who accompanied the MLA included Prof Shyam, Ramesh Sharma, Rajesh Nischal, Vinay Gupta, Chaman Lal, S.Gurcharan Singh, Ashok Lambad,Opinder Singh, Rajinder Gupta, Rakesh Bhalla, Sunil Gupta and Rajeev Bhardwaj.