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‘Aakrosh’ Rally taken out in Bhaderwah, Congress effigy burnt

A massive Aakrosh rally was taken out at Bhaderwah. The rally was organised by the BJP Mandal. The Rally was organised by Mandal Pradhan Ramneek Manhas. The Procession was joined by Sr. Party Leaders including Balkrishan Kotwal, Ashook Padha, Raju Charak, Sourav Gupta, Sanjay Saraf, Shiv Kumar, Davinder Singh, S. Kartar Singh, Anil Kotwal, Koushal Manhas, Sanjay Shan, Puneet Mehta, Rakesh Manhas, Dayakrishan Sharma, Munish Kumar, Jagdesh Raj and others. The rally raised Bharat Mata Ki Jai. The procession concluded in Sari Bazar where a public meeting was held in which various party leaders criticised Congress for aiding and abetting anti national element. The procession also raised anti Tharoor and anti Azad slogans.

The Mandal President Ramneek Manhas in his speech described Congress as a frustrated party whose power blind eyes according to him had failed to differentiate between nationalism and anti-nationalism and equating enemies of the country with patriots like Bhagat Singh is a proof of that.
Blaming Congress for sowing seeds of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Sri Lanka the Mandal Pradhan reminded that the situation could have been saved had 1986 Assembly elections in the State not been rigged, and Bhindrawalla and Prabhakran not been created for political gains.
Senior party leaders including Raj Singh Kotwal, Anand Pal, Raj Singh Charak, Koushal Kotwal in their speeches invited people to join BJP in a big way so that enemies of the country could be kept at bay and unity among people and communal harmony strengthened.
They also cautioned people to remain vigilant about the divisive politics which Congress was playing to regain power, a dream that will never come true.