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“Achche Din” has started for DPs from PoJK: Sat

BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma, while addressing “Adhikaar Rally” of massive gathering of Displaced Persons (DPs) from Pakistan occupied Jammu & Kashmir (POJK) alongwith Minister of PHE Sham Choudhary, State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh and State Secretary Ch. Vikram Randhawa at Badyal Brahmana in Suchetgarh assembly constituency, said that “Achche Din” (good days) has started for DPs during the rule of BJP-led NDA government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Sat Sharma said that the BJP had always raised concern and advocated for mitigating the sufferings of the DPs and fulfilling their decades old genuine demands. Thousands of people settled in different areas of Jammu Province had been coming on roads for the last 70 years seeking justice for them but none in the successive Congress governments felt their pain nor saw their tears.

After taking over as PM, Narendra Modi has been taking one decision after the other for the welfare of the different sections of the society, including DPs and refugees. The decision of financial assistance to DPs is reflection of the sincere efforts and commitment of the Modi government to wipe out the tears of these ignored people, which is indeed the start of ‘Achche Din’ for them.

Sham Choudhary, while addressing the rally, said that the days of sufferings and agitations are over for DPs as the BJP government at the Centre has taken the initiative to reach the DPs and provide them financial assistance. To get financial assistance for DPs, the BJP in the state had been consistently in touch with the centre and finally positive has come out.  

Dr. Narinder Singh, in his address, said that the Congress owe an explanation as to what it did for more than 65 years for DPs and why its leaders have started playing politics on the humanitarian issue when for the first time any government has displayed honest concern towards them.

Ch. Vikram Randhawa said that the entire belt of R.S.Pura and Suchetgarh have maximum population of DPs and after the release of rupees 2000 Crore financial assistance in their favour, there is joy and celebrations among DPs, which is in fact start of “Achche Din” for them.

R.S. Pura BJP District President Brijeshwar Rana, State Working Committee Member Sat Pal Pappi, Mandal President Swaran Singh Chib, Ex Sarpanch Jasbir Singh Lucky and Jasbir Samotra also addressed the Adhikaar Rally.