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‘Achha! Aa gayeiy din hisab keiy’ : Biral

With numerous pro-poor schemes launched benefiting masses as per ‘achheiy din’ promised by Modi, those who committed loot of national wealth and jeopardized its security are in utter awe: ‘achha! aa gayeiy din hisab keiy’- part of achhe din.

What Modi promised during 2014 general elections, he is keenly fulfilling. Alongside launch of pro-poor and development schemes, he has let the disruptors of national economy and security account for it. Demonetization has bared numerous responsible for running parallel economy evading taxes; Benami Transaction (Prohibition) ACT 1988 enforced first time on November 1, 2016 by NDA has led to Income Tax Deptt. charge six family members of RJD chieF Lalu Yadav including his wife in connection with land deals worth Rs 1000 crores and tax evasion; separatists whose terror funding from across border is being probed for the first time ever By NIA has forced the beneficiary leaders calling the shot in valley disrupting life to ask for end to the investigation, with a threat, realising they with their masters shall stand unsheathed.

S.S. Bijral, former IGP and state spokesperson said while general masses have their high hopes of ‘achheiy din’ met by the illustrious NDA govt. the looters of national wealth and enemy of national security has enough to worry about as day of judgement- hisab keiy din’ to cough out for their sins has set to dawn.

Prime Minister is ‘Param Sevak’ of his maters the ‘people of India’, Narinder Bhai Modi is all set to come true to his words in letter and spirit. To know where his performance stands, PM has taken to assess the achievements and shortcomings, wherever, of his team individually and that of the bureaucrats whom he has started to rotate on completion of their terms, said Bijral.