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“Alp-Vistaraks” from R.S Pura starts door to door visit in Samba:Dr.Gagan Bhagat

A total of 23 Alp-Vistarak initiated their journey to work in the field from the R.S Pura and Miran Sahib Mandals respectively for fifteen days in the presence of M.L.A R.S Pura Dr. Gagan Bhagat , while wishing them success and good health Dr. Gagan said that BJP being a cadre based party has a tradition of sending Vistarak (full Timers) into the public, who has to concentrate on the extension of the party base, familiarizing the public with the policies and ideology of the party and having the first hand knowledge of the needs and aspirations of the public. He said that the Vistaraks devote their whole time during their period of stay for the party activities leaving behind all their personal works and needs. He said that this job demands a lot of devotion and dedication for the society and the Nation because they have to manage everything in the meager resources forgetting all the joyful amenities, they were enjoying at their homes. Similarly, Alp-Vistaraks left for their destinations from Suchetgarh, and Bishnah Constituencies in the presence of BJP State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh, and Ex-MLA Ashwani Sharma ,Brijesh Rana and Naresh Sharma.Dr. Narinder Singh, while speaking on the occasion said that the role of Vistaraks is very important for the growth of the party as they are the persons who have to take the ideology of the party into the public and implement the policies and schemes on the ground. Dr. Gagan Bhagat, further emphasized on the role of Vistaraks in the implementation of the schemes of the Government, said that the central government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has initiated many schemes for the welfare of the public and the Vistaraks will ensure to take these policies to all the sections of the society. He said that today the whole of India is celebrating three years of corruption free governance at the Centre and similarly the people of J&K are also witness to the successful tenure of the alliance Government in the State. Dr. Gagan Bhagat who himself devoted time from his routine office hours at the MLA Office R.S Pura to work in three Mandals, the first one Sumb Mandal he visited yesterday and apprised the works done by the Union Govt and State Govt. he also visited houses on the hilly areas and met with the local inhabitants in the villages namely Patyadi, Sumb, and Goran respectively.As a Party Alp-Vistarak he shared his experience with the media persons that it’s a great opportunity for him to interact with the people living in the Samba Constituency and listen to their grievances as he was doing in R.S Pura as the Samba Constituency is larger in area and the villages are very far some in the hilly areas where people have different problems as compared to R.S Pura Constituency. The majority of problem was related to Drinking water and Rural Development , and much more has to be done in that area specially in the PHE, Irrigation & Flood Control and Rural Development Department, he will forward the feedback to the party high command which will inturn benefit the party at the grass root level and even the problems of far located villages will be brought into the notice of concerned public representative, and will boost developmental activities in the coming times.