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Arun Kumar Gupta along with Ajay Baru of Katra Vaishno Devi Kick started the campaign at Dhaniri Panchayat in village Sarna

In the series of “Gram Udhaya se Bharat Udhaya” Abhiyan starting from 14th to 24th April 2016, BJP State Spokesperson Arun Kumar Gupta along with Mandal President Ajay Baru of Katra Vaishno Devi Kick started the campaign at Dhaniri Panchayat in village Sarna which shall culminate on Panchayati Raj day on April 24 April commemorating the 73rd constitutional amendment. The Abhiyan is divided in three parts and today first part of campaign. Social Harmony Programme Was Launched. It was vowed to strengthen social harmony by villagers. So that equitable development and progress takes place in all the villages and it was very strongly argued by state spokes person Arun Kumar Gupta that unless villages grow in real sense the growth of country is not possible. The progress of village is the progress of country and present government. Of India is contemplating to accomplish this task by all means. The awareness about the schemes ensuring social harmony were deliberated and explained to the residents of village. The introduction of Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s life and his views on national integration were explained to people so that they can draw a inspiration from it and make their life more meaningful. The campaign aims to strengthen the panchayati raj across the nation and through it promote social harmony in villages and foster well being of farmers and agricultural labourers. Speaking On the occasion, Arun Kumar Gupta highlighted the role of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in creation of the Indian constitution and shaping modern India. He further said equality liberty and fraternity the basic goals of Dr Ambedkar ideology.
The following party leaders also participated in the meeting Mandal General Secretary Pt Shiv Jamwal and Rajinder Mengi many villagers participated namely Veer Singh, Ram Lal, Rashid, Chuni Lal, Phlal Singh, Shakti Singh Abdul Rehman Bashir Ahmed des Raj Sohan Lal.