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Attack by Pakistan trained and brain washed Fidayeens : Sunil Sethi

Attack by Pakistan trained and brain washed Fidayeens in Jammu and Kashmir should be eye opener for the advocates of talks with Pakistan and their puppets. State Bharatiya Janata Party Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi said that militants attack at Nagrota should be enough for publicity seeker friends of Pakistan to shut their mouth. They are part of sinister plan of enemy to bleed India continuously. But all such plans will be destroyed and enemy decimated by strong national resolve under strong government at the Centre.

Sunil Sethi further said that even demand of talks during these times of terror and hostilities by Pakistan is encouraging forces inimical to the nation and all such leaders and self styled intellectuals should be exposed and shown their true worth. Everyone should understand and acknowledge that nobody is above nation. Persons who had held high positions in the past, have now started using language of supporters of separatism.  Right place for such persons is jail.

He noted with concern that even after making such statements these culprits are roaming free which is encouraging militant attacks as enemy sitting across border and even within gets encouraged by knowing that anti nationals in this country have donned robes of leaders and pseudo intellectuals and are thriving . Encouragement so given to enemy will be bad for national integrity.

The Chief Spokesperson said that militants attacking within state or in other states of country are not only enemy of India but are enemies of humanity. There is no place for such beasts and their mentors in civilized society. They should rot in hell which is only place for them. There is no religion which teaches hatred and violence to humanity and if there is any, then it can only be Satanic religion. Militants are followers of only Satan with no regards for God or His creation.