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Attack on Yatris will not deter our resolve: BJP

Bharatiya Janata Party shares the nation’s grief in mourning the death of the devotees who were returning after paying obeisance at the holy cave of Shri Amarnath Ji and became victims of a dastardly terror act near Khanabal. The jihadi terror act has been carried out at the behest of our enemy nation who is bent upon promoting unrest in the Valley, said Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of the Party. The enemy is frustrated due to the heavy causalities it is suffering at the LoC and its failure to incite violence in the Valley in the name of Burhan Wani, the terrorist, who was killed by the security forces in an encounter a year back. It has therefore resorted to this act with a view to disturb the communal harmony and engineer communal riots, said Brig Gupta. However, we are determined to fight terror and eliminate it from our soil and this act in no way will deter our resolve. While making a fervent appeal for maintaining communal harmony, the spokesperson said that we must not play into the enemy’s hand but rise above all competitive politics and verbal duels and put up a united front to defeat the enemy’s nefarious design.

The anger and pain amongst the people is obvious and well appreciated but the need of the hour is to not to allow this anger manifest into any form of violence appealed Brig Gupta. Our effort should be to ensure uninterrupted and smooth conduct of the Yatra for which devotees have thronged from across the length and breadth of the country. There have been some lapses which allowed this incident to happen. A major point of concern is that how the terrorists managed to breach the cordon and enter the high security zone near the NH? Why the night domination patrols were not in place before the ROP was lifted is another question begging answer? The SOP also needs to be reviewed to check the policy for straggler vehicles since in the instant case the straggler vehicle was allowed to move singly from Baltal without being checked or stopped by any check post on the way, said Brig Gupta. BJP asks the government to order a thorough inquiry to ascertain the lapses and hold concerned officials accountable for the same by taking necessary action against them. Also immediate steps should be taken to plug all loop holes so that terrorists are unable to repeat such an act. An immediate relief and compensation should also be paid to the victims of this dastardly act demanded Brig Gupta.

Brig Gupta appreciated the local BJP cadre and other residents of the area who helped in evacuation of the casualties as well as donated blood for the needy. It only shows that the majority of the local population abhors terror and believes in “Insaniyat” and are willing to fight the menace of terror if provided proper leadership. It does not matter much that to which Jihadi Tanzeem the terrorists belong to but what matters is the existence of a well-oiled Pak sponsored terror network in the State which needs to be eliminated, said Brig Gupta.