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Sh. Baldev Singh Baloria listened to the problems at Ekta Vihar

On the direction of Speaker Kavinder Gupta, the BJP Jammu District President Sh. Baldev Singh Baloria visited Ekta Vihar. On this tour, people brought Baloria to the water supply and the disruption of the lanes. After listened to the problems of people, Baloria said that some streets and drains of Ekta Vihar were done and some work was being done. He said that the government is working to provide better facilities to the people. State BJP alliance government is committed to solving every problem of the people. He said that the water and other alleys in the area are the problems of drains, it has already been said by Speaker Kavinder Gupta to solve the matter after discussions with high officials. Apart from this, there will be public and legitimate problems of the people. His solution will be by the government. Baloria said that Ekta Vihar is going to have a better development in the present time but the survey of the areas which are untouched by the development will also be done on the streets and the development of drains will be done under priority. Baloria said that the government is preparing for the Panchayat elections at the present time, while there has also been talking of getting the body elections done, which would be better for the pace of development in the urban areas. He said that they should make notes of those people who have remained necessary so that they can be made as early as possible by the intervention of Speaker Gupta. Baloria said that the BJP’s aim is to make every facility to be done at the grassroots level of the people. BJP has instructed every activist to go to the booth level to solve the problems of the people, for which every worker of the BJP will contact the people. Others who accompanied with Ekta Vihar Gurudwara President Baldev Singh, Swarn Singh, Jagdev Singh, Kamaljeet Singh Sheru and Rakesh Sangral were also present.