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Banihal Unit of the party organized Parivartan Yatra

In connection with the State wide Parivartan Yatra, a huge public rally was organized by Banihal Unit of the party at Neel, and was presided over by Shoukat Ahmed Deng, local prominent BJP leader while as Munish Sharma, BJP State Secretary was the Chief Guest who had specially gone to Banihal for organizing Parivartan Yatra. On account of the pressing problems confronting the local people, and on their persistent demand for visit of a senior BJP leader to their area, Munish Sharma was specially deputed by the State BJP for the purpose. The local grievances and hardships were highlighted by the local people during the programme as was also the resentment displayed against the sitting local MLA Vikar Rasool of Congress.
Commenting on the local problems like ration shortage, power cuts, bad condition of roads and many other issues affecting local people day in and day out, Munish Sharma said that these are the legacy of NC-Congress and PDPs past misrule and incompetence. There has been no development in the interior areas of the Banihal constituency and modern amenities like road connectivity, potable water, and electricity avenues of employment are nonexistent.
Local population was very happy that BJP has taken up these issues and is very keen that BJP should come to power in J&K for the comprehensive and all round development of the state.
Sharma emphasized that BJP is committed to the upliftment of all the people of all areas and regions irrespective of caste, creed and religion.
Ramban District President Vijay Mohan Thakur also addressed the mammoth gathering and extended assurance that the BJP will go all out to redress their grievances.
Among other local leaders Ramesh Sharma and Sham Singh Katoch, both State Executive Members, Suraj Singh, Ranvir Singh, Mangal Singh, Shakeel Ahmed Deng, Raja Riaz, Raspal Singh were also present.