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Omar misusing assembly floor, airing anti-India views: Jugal

Charging the state Chief Minister Omar Abdullah with indulging in airing pro-Pakistan and anti-India views, BJP State President & MP Jugal Kishore Sharma said that whatever has been uttered by the CM indicates his soft approach towards the separatists and other outfits which have been working to provoke the people on one pretext of the other to continue their propaganda against India.
Jugal Kishore Sharma, who alongwith State Election Campaign Committee Chairman & National Executive Member Dr. Nirmal Singh, flagged off party’s “Parivartan Yatra” from Gharkhal in Akhnoor assembly constituency and Pargwal in Khour assembly constituency, Ghura Manhasa, Ambara, Ghura Talab, Sanail, Balgara, Tayian, Mehra Mandira aimed at reaching every nook and corner of the state to further mobilize public opinion against the wrong doings of the NC-Congress coalition and achieving mission 44+ target in the upcoming assembly elections, took the State Chief Minister to task for misusing the floor of the state assembly to make inflammatory speech to escape the wrath of thousands of border people who have been forced to migrate due to unprovoked firing from across the border.
Sharma said that it is most unfortunate that Omar Abdullah has been stressing on resumption of talks with rogue Pakistan ignoring the fact that it has been bleeding the country by a thousand-cut on daily basis by violating cease-fire and breaching international border. He said that Omar Abdullah, instead of paying even a cursory visit to the affected villages and the camps in R.S. Pura and other sectors, is accusing BJP National President Amit Shah of polarizing the society, which is nothing but a desperate attempt to arouse passions in the valley. He further said that it also indicates that the people of Jammu have no place in his communal scheme of things and he still treats Kashmir as his personal estate. Such an approach should open the eyes of Jammu based leaders of NC and Congress who have been time and again claiming that Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh have equal respect and concern in the minds and hearts of this government. Making an appeal to the people of the state to defeat NC, Congress and PDP, Sharma said that the time has come when a change in Jammu and Kashmir has become all the more necessary to mitigate the sufferings of the people and neutralizing the fissiparous tendencies.
Dr. Nirmal Singh, while condemning the unprovoked firing on innocent civilians, including women, children and aged people, said that firing on daily basis has once again vindicated the oft-repeated stand of the BJP that Pakistan is an irresponsible state and cannot be trusted despite agreements and promises. He said that the entire world has seen that during the past few days Pakistan has indulged in intensifying firing which has resulted in displacement of hundreds of families besides injuring and killings of jawans and civilians, loss of life stock and damage to standing crops and houses. It has also adversely impacted the studies of school going children. An atmosphere of fear and uncertainty has gripped the entire border belt and still the state chief minister is displaying his utter insensitivity towards the suffering people, he said and underscored the need for bringing into power BJP as the state has suffered a lot during the past over six decades under the misrule of NC, Congress and PDP.
Daljeet singh, Kuldeep banotra, Mela Ram, Ram Saroop, Dr. Suresh Magotra, Rajiv Sharma, Puran Sharma, Ashok Mishra, Yashpal Kaku, Chaman Lal Kanathia, Dr. Krishan Lal, Tulsi Dass, Kamal, Kashmir Singh, Sohan Singh, Vijay Kumar, Surinder Singh, Manmohan Singh, Vinod Bhagat and others accompanied Jugal Kishore Sharma and Dr. Nirmal Singh.