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BJP asks for fixing accountability for development

In a statement, BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta stated that most of the projects which are visualized, do not get started and those which start often do not meet their end. The project to remove the scarcity of drinking water in Jammu city by bringing water from Chenab river was visualized somewhere in 1990 but it is resting in the files, whereas the project of providing sewerage facility to the Jammu city was visualized in 1992, planned in 2004, started in 2006 but still not yet reached the completion state. Another project of constructing lake in Jammu out of flowing water of Tawi river has been many years back imagined but its work could start around 2010, however as per the news it has been abandoned in between after spending about 90 crore of rupees. Project of developing Surinsar lake and connecting it to Mansar and Jammu city by an all weather pacca road, its completion has still been kept pending. Similar is the fate of flyovers whose start and completion is still uncertain even after its initial sanction in 2010. Due to non serious approach of the government, the project could not be taken up till date even after the lapse of seven years Even the land  acquisition process has not yet initiated; whereas the funds for the construction of BC Ambhalla route to be provided by International Agency, ADB has lapsed two times.

The starting of AIIM is also facing serious problem in the matter of acquisition of marked land due to slackness on the part of revenue department and the interference at the highest level.

Prof. Virender further added that as per the report in the media, the physical verification of nearly 1500 projects across J&K State still being availed from the concerned department despite the lapse of several months. He added that it is mandatory so as to assess the financial implication, their implantation and physical progress for the effective monitoring implementation ensuring their completion within the stipulated time frame.

He said that in number of cases the targets fixed for execution of various works are not achieved because of lack of coordination and monitoring. He asked for fixing dead line for completion of each job and those officers or concerned persons showing slackness and not meeting the targets fixed, should be taken to task.