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Be tough against separatists: Prof Virender

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta, while appreciating the seriousness shown by the Govt. of India on the disclosure that separatist leaders are being funded by Pakistan, ISI, Hafiz Sayeed and some forces in Gulf nations for fomenting the anti-India movement in the Valley, said that the time has come to shed the soft approach and be tough against the separatist. He said that hawala transactions and funding to support terrorism in the Valley have been given on since 1982 without any check. He asked to book the separatist leaders and put them behind the bars. He also asked to investigate the sources existing in India through which the Hawala money is being funded or transferred to the separatist elements in the Valley to support subversive activities. He said that the money pumped for the separatists is being used for militant activities and to misguide the Kashmiri youth, engage them in stone pelting and in burning schools. He added that channels for trade between people of Jammu and Kashmir living on both sides of LoC/IB opened on the India-Pakistan border at Poonch (Chakka Da Bagh) and Uri sector are also source of hawala transactions and there is a need of effective scrutiny and vigilance. He demanded that these trade channels and exchange visits be closed for the time being, while looking at the situation in the Valley and Bagha route in Amritsar be used for the movement of the people from both sides of the border.

Prof. Virender Gupta said that as per the report, Govt. of India and State Government has spent Rs. 506 crore on the stay of separatist leaders in hotels, on their foreign travels, on pension and medical allowances and on their security. He asked there perks should be immediately stopped and the security deployed for their safety be removed.

He demanded to impose ban on the Hurriyat Conference and their leaders be arrested under PSA and added that there should be zero mercy to the separatists and others engaged in subversive activities.