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BJP celebrates splendid victory in assemblies

State BJP celebrated the party’s splendid victory in the assembly elections, particularly the thumping victory in UP, Uttrakhand. The party senior leaders and the workers distributed sweats, congratulated each other, raised pro-BJP slogans and slogans of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and National President Amit Shah.

At the State headquarter office at Trikuta Nagar, the senior leaders of BJP including party President & MLA Sat Sharma, Lok Sabha MP Jugal Kishore Sharma, Rajya Sabha MP Shamsher Singh Manhas, Minister of State Priya Sethi, State General Secretaries Ashok Kaul and Dr. Narinder Singh and other senior leaders celebrated the victory.

Sat Sharma, while addressing the jubilant activists, said that with present victory, BJP alone or BJP in alliance with other regional parties shall be governing more than sixty percent of the total states. He said that the BJP victory in UP, Uttrakhand and in Manipur is marvellous and unprecedented. This has become possible because of the visionary and dynamic leadership of Narendra Modi and able management and dedication of BJP National President Amit Shah. He further said that the present victory of BJP is due to the pro-poor and ‘Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas’ policy of the government that embrace all the citizens of the country. He congratulated the workers for the extra-ordinary performance of the party in the assembly elections.

Jugal Kishore Sharma, said that the various policies pursued by the Central government of BJP-led NDA under the able leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which were oriented towards the overall development, lifting the standard of the poor and down trodden people and for the welfare of the Indian society has led to the present tremendous victory of the party. The visionary leadership of the Prime Minister and the hard work of the party leaders, in particular of the National Party President, Amit Shah. He congratulated all the party workers for the outstanding performance of party in UP, Uttrakhand and Manipur.

Shamsher Singh Manhas, on this occasion, said that the splendid victory of BJP also reflects that the opposition parties’ campaign against the BJP was totally rejected by the voters, who wanted to show them the door. The victory is also the endorsement of the programmes and policies of Narendra Modi government.

Priya Sethi also congratulated the party activists for the victory and said that all the sections of the society, including women, were convinced that the Modi government was really concerned for their social and economic upliftment and hence they overwhelming voted in favour of BJP.

Ashok Kaul said that the organizational setup in UP in particular succeeded in reaching the people at the grass root levels and educate them about pro-poor and common man centric schemes and policies of Narendra Modi government.