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Party hails Modi govt decision on border people

Militancy should be curbed strongly: BJP to Union HM

BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma (C.A.), while addressing the media persons at Trikuta Nagar Office, alongwith State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh and State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan, said that with the decision of introducing provision for ex-gratia assistance/compensation of rupees five lakh to the families of the victims of cross-border firing, landmines explosions and IED explosions in the border areas, the long pending demand of the people of Jammu and Kashmir will be fulfilled. He said that the people living in borders touching neighboring countries, Pakistan in particular, have been suffering loss of lives and receiving severe injuries due to firing from across the border, explosions of landmines and IEDs, for decades and the successive governments at the Centre never took a human view of the problems and plight of the border people. The successive governments in Jammu & Kashmir also played hide and seek with the border people during all these years after independence.
Sat Sharma said that the landmark decision will also bring all the border areas of the country at a common level as J&K had been ignored in the past in matters related to extending assistance/compensation in case of injuries or loss of lives due to cross border firing and explosions of landmines and IEDs despite the fact our people on borders had been the most affected. He expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for this landmark decision taken in the Cabinet meeting chaired by him.
How much concerned the BJP and its government under Narendra Modi has been towards border people, can be well judged from the fact that during the last two years NDA took a number of decisions for their benefit. In August 2014, when border people were putting up in camps on their migration due to firing from across Pakistan, BJP National President Amit Shah visited their camps in R.S. Pura, Bishnah and other places and was stressed upon to provide them assistance / compensation in case of the casualities and injuries by cross border firing and explosions of mines and IEDs. The party as well as Union MoS Dr. Jitendra Singh, Lok Sabha MP Jugal Kishore Sharma and Rajya Sabha MP Shamsher Singh Manhas had been continuously pursuing the same and finally it has been cleared. Not only this, construction of concrete bunkers, setting up of five battalions of IRP with 60% share of border youth and developing infrastructure on borders have been the other land mark decisions of the present Narendra Modi government. Similarly, the state government has also extended the benefits of SRO-43 to some families in border areas.
While briefing about the recent meeting of the BJP delegation with Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh at Srinagar, Sat Sharma said the party conveyed its appreciations towards Union government’s initiative for dialogue with those who believe in ‘Kashmiriyat, Insaniyat and Jamhooriyat’. He said that the party, through a detailed memorandum submitted to the Union Home Minister, suggested no leniency towards trouble makers in the valley besides putting forth suggestions and demands for bringing peace and normalcy, which are :-
That militancy should be curbed strongly; free hand should be given to security forces to deal the situation; Intelligence grid be strengthened; terrorist should not be allowed to address public rallies; flow of illegal money to boost terrorism be stopped; coordination be strengthened between all security forces; proper security be provided to minorities living in Kashmir; misuse of loud speaker from Mosques be stopped; activities of Jamayat-e-Islami be put under scanner.
(Copy of the Memorandum is hereby attached)
Memorandum for kind consideration of Hon’ble Union Home Minister
The Hon’ble Union Home Minister,
Govt. of India,
New Delhi.

Esteemed Sir,

Kashmir is facing turmoil and there is lot of increase in cross border terrorism as Pakistan has supported terrorism openly. Few Separatists sponsored by Pak Agencies and Government has openly claimed that they are with the Terrorists, who want to destablize the Staet by all means. In fact Pakistan was irritated after BJP and PDP alliance and wanted to destabilize the government. In fact when Pakistan failed on all fronts before International community in internationalizing the Kashmir issue with all efforts, decided to Burhan Wani, terrorist openly tried to take command of problem prevailing in Kashmir, they got support from Hurriyat Conference and Pakistan. In fact it was proxy war against the country and a calculated attempt was made to demoralize the security forces and to defame them. Infact, Security Forces have suffered a lot and tried to maintain maximum restrain which they can.
It is not out of place to mention here that this time youth especially teenagers were exploited to achieve the ulterior motives and to destabilize the Government. Shri Amarnath Yatra was disturbed and not only this, attempts was made to attack Baba Budha Amarnath Yatra, in Jammu region. Infact Chief Minister has rightly said that 95% people in Kashmir wants peace and normalcy but are being disturbed under threats by terrorists and their supporters. An hostile atmosphere was created in order to harass the minority on one or the other pretext.
Non existing issue were made issues by misrepresenting facts like the establishment of Sainik Colony to adjust outsiders and further migrant colony issue was raised in a manner to generate reaction among common masses in Kashmir. BJP has seriously expressed its concern with all, who have lost their life except terrorists and those who want to destabilize the elected Government and further wanted to spoil the peaceful atmosphere of the state.
The State BJP would request that the Government of India should raise the demand for vacation of PoJK at all International Forums, resolutely and vigorously.
We also feel that the Government of India should created a separate Cell/Department under the Ministry of Home for the State of Jammu and Kashmir to keep a regular watch on the situation and suggest appropriate measures to bring the people of Kashmir in National mainstream.
We fully appreciate and endorse the steps taken by the Central Government and especially by yourself and Sh. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India and your recent visit to Kashmir will further create an atmosphere of trust and faith. It will further help in normalizing the situation.
The situation is improving and all attempts to alienate Kashmir people from mainstream will fail. We also feel that talks with Right Thinking persons in all regions will generate a sense of confidence and their respective issues will be resolved. BJP is of the firm opinion that J&K is integral part of India. Accession cannot disputed, PoK is our part as per State Constitution and as per the commitment expressed by Parliament of India in 1994 while referring the dispute with Pakistan and we fully endorse and stand of resolution of 1994.
We suggest few measures to improve the situation:-
i. That militancy should be curbed strongly;
ii. Free hand should be given to security forces to deal the situation;
iii. Intelligence grid be strengthened;
iv. Terrorist should not be allowed to address public rallies;
v. Flow of illegal money to boost terrorism be stopped;
vi. Coordination be strengthened between all security forces;
vii. Proper security be provided to minority living in Kashmir;
viii. Misuse of loud speaker from Mosques be stopped;
ix. Activities of Jamayat-e-Islami be put under scanner.