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BJP committed to cause of KPs: Yudhvir Sethi

One day Working Committee meeting was organised by BJP (J&K) Kashmir Displaced District today on 29-01-2017 at Sanaskriti Bhawan, Roopnagar Jammu chaired by Chand Jee Bhat President and Yudhvir Sethi, state vice president BJP was the Chief Guest.
The meeting started with Vandamatram followed by lighting the lamp. The lamp was lighted by Yudhvir Sethi State Vice-President BJP and Chand Jee Bhat District President along with District Vice Presidents J L Pandita, Ram Krishen Koul, Ravinder Razdan. General Secretaries P L Dhar, Bharat Bushan Bhat Gosani and Secretaries Chaman Lal Pandit, Chaman Lal Koul and Avtar Krishen Sher.
The Mandal Presidents Makhan Lal Bhat, Vijay Raina, Sunl Ji Bhat, Bansi Lal Bhat and Morcha Presidents Sweety Koul, Ramesh Koul, Subash Khera submitted their report regarding work done by them and their team during last three months and explained how they tackle problems while convincing people.
Yudhvir Sethi addressed the workers and explained reasons for conducting these meetings and added, these meetings smoothen the way to strengthen the party and sorting out the problems which activists face in the public. He said that BJP is party with difference and has concern about development of the people under the strong leadership of PM Narender Modi. He directed workers to have people to people contact and explained importance of schemes announced by PM Narinder Modi for the development of people. He encouraged door-to-door meetings with people and to make them aware about benefits of cashless transactions in day today life. He appreciated workers for their work and assured BJP is with Kashmiri Displaced People and will remain with them.
P L Dhar General Secretary read the resolution, which was passed unanimously after marathon deliberations. The participants took serious note of the problems faced by the displaced people and hailed decision of Jammu and Kashmir Government for providing employment to 2100 unemployed educated youth but demanded rest of 900 posts be advertised without further delay and appreciated the decision of J&K State Govt. to settle the issue of salary, relief and ration to displaced people. The gathering showed concern about inferior quality of ration supplied to displaced people by ration booths. They suggested govt. should supply ration simultaneous to Camp and Non-Camps and gap in supplying must be avoided.
In the resolution it has been demanded that judicial commission may be constituted to probe into the mass exodus of Hindus and Sikhs of valley and to punish those who are responsible for mass massacre in different places of the Jammu and Kashmir. The special package to over age youth must be given so that they could settle accordingly.
It was resolved reservation of seats in Assembly and Parliament should be announced for Kashmiri displaced people so that they could choose their candidate according to choice. The working committee further resolved that present BJP-PDP govt. would work for Kashmir Displaced People by ensuring Ministerial Seat in present Govt. Settlement of Kashmiri Displaced People at one place in valley was main concern in the meeting and expressed that would be jolt to Kashmiri Separatists and end to miseries of Kashmiri Displaced People.
It was further resolved that 6 member committee headed by Minister and one member from Kashmiri Displaced District should be constituted for looking into the ways and means for mitigating problems being faced by the Kashmiri Displaced People. Reservation for unemployed Kashmiri Displaced educated youth in Indian Railway, Central Govt. departments and banks, pending exgracia amount; ban on the sale of Hindu religions properties was also concern of the gathering in meeting.
MLC Surinder Ambardar also spoke on the occasion and said under the strong leadership of PM Narinder Modi India is progressing he has concern about the return of Kashmiri Displaced People to Kashmir Valley. He told gathering about steps taken by the Narinder Modi Govt. for the development of the people. He added BJP was with the Kashmiri Displaced people right from the day one of their exodus and would remain with them. This govt. is trying to mitigate the miseries of displaced people.
Chand Jee Bhat President told workers to work hard in the masses and try to increase membership for BJP. BJP J&K Kashmir Displaced District is committed to address the problems of displaced people. Employment to educated youth, regular and quality ration, regular relief, pending exgrcia relief, salary to PM’S package employees and their security in Kashmir is great concern to him. He added he would fight to the end for the cause of the Kashmiri Displaced People. He informed workers how Kashmir Displaced District is working hard for masses and gave progress report to them. Lastly he thanked all the participants.
Rakesh Fotedar of Youva Morcha spoke on the life history of Pt Deendayal Upadhyaya and J L Pandit Vice President conducted the whole proceedings of the Working Committee Meeting.
The programme concluded with National Anthem.