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BJP conducts public rallies in Poonch

BJP conducted largely attended public rallies at Surankote and Poonch Mandi to commemorate the three years of good governance at the Centre under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

BJP State Secretary Ghulam Ali Khatana along with District President Poonch Captain Bansi Lal Sharma and Mandal Presidents Zakir Hussain, Azad Khan, Azar Manhas addressed the party activists and the prominent locals of the area from every community in Surankote.

While addressing the gathering Ghulam Ali Khatana said that the BJP is based on the ideology of “Nation First, Party Second and Self Last” hence; the sole aim of the activists from this party must be to address the issue of the Society with devotion and dedication. He asked all to have a deeper inroad into the heart and houses of the residents of the area to broaden the base of the party. He said that Atal ji during his regime as the Prime Minister of India had initiated a series of goodwill measures with the neighboring country Pakistan so that the people of two countries could enjoy peace and prosperity, which Pakistan responded with Kargil war. And now the PM Modi has resolved to address the issues of the people of this state with a vision of prosperity to every single person standing in the last.

At a similar rally in Poonch Mandi Minister Abdul Gani Kohli along with Er. Ghulam Ali Khatana, Member Legislative Council (MLC) Pardeep Sharma, BJP State Secretary Sunil Gupta, Captain Bansi Lal Sharma, Zafeed Ahmed and Captain Khursheed addressed the public.

Minister while speaking on the occasion, said that the PM is working day and night for the welfare of the masses so we must augment his hands by our efforts, so that India touches new heights in every field. He also mentioned the specific Government schemes beneficial for the local community.

Pardeep Sharma while addressing the gathering said that our party is the cadre based party so the every single activist is indispensable for the party. “We all are committed to the development without any prejudice”, he added.

Sunil Gupta asked all to work for the development of the area according to the needs identified by the active members of the party, as they are the persons having the first hand knowledge of the needs of their respective area.