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Ramesh Arora MLC in a program organized by NAYA SAWERA NGO.

Ajinomoto salt is basically salt and is used in Momo’s ,noodles and other Chinese food items to give a particular type of taste without caring what will be its effect on young generation which is consuming the same at large scale said Mr. Ramesh Arora MLC in a program organized by NAYA SAWERA NGO.
While deliberating in a function organized at Press club Jammu cream of the society and men those matter were present in the deliberation including officials of Executive agencies like Municipal authorities, Drug and Food Control officials, Health Department and district administration was also present in the discussion and it was a serious attempt made by MLC Mr. Arora to give a message to the society at large .Society have serious concern over increase on use of momo’s . noodles and ajinomoto salt and all passed unanimously that youth be educated to shun eating momo’s and other type of fast food.
Doctors have clearly expressed their views in the conference that children’s are suffering stomach irritation, intestinal problem and many other complications are the outcome of the same and many times doctors have to perform operations to rectify the complications cropped up due to use of such food items.
Mr. Ramesh arora MLC formed a sub-committee of important citizens which will suggest and work out educative program of masses. Mr. Arora further said that it is admitted fact there are number of other health hazards also but we have to start from somewhere and a data based program is prepared so that concerned department can take remedial measures for improving the system. Mr. Arora further said that matter will also be taken up with the concerned minister and if needed in the Upper House and Assembly also.
Mr. Arora said Ajinomoto is Chinese restaurant syndrome Salt. Ajino-moto is trade name of Company’s original Monosodium Glutamate (MGS) is product. It is used in all Chinese food Momo’s Manchurians, Noodles, Champs, and meat soups. Different study says it have serious effects.
1 MSG Symptom complex includes burning sensation in the face, and neck, breathing problem, headache, nausea, vomiting, fast heart beat etc.
2 It may affect badly on unborn child during pregnancy.
3 Migraine pain is caused.
4 Abnormal heart beats chest pains and cardiac muscles arrest is caused by it.
5 Nerves disorder
6 Asthma problems
7 Weight gain
8 Hypertension
9 Sleep disorder breathing
10 Ajinomoto causes intestinal Cillitis/Cancer etc as per research.
Mr. Arora said that we require to educate masses hence central core of the society was invited to have interaction over problems caused and it will be good exercise in public interest.
The Committee includes Arun Choudhary, Ashok Gupta, Vijay Trehan, Govind Sareen, Ramesh Gupta, Sanjay Sharma, Ramprashad, Kapil Arora , Dinesh Arora, Mohan Singh Rana, Bawa Sharma and this committee is likely to be extended with the passage of time.
Those who speak on the occasion were Parshotam Deechi , Dr Meenakshi SMGS Hospital, Zorawar Singh, Narayan Singh , Judge Paviter Singh and Sanjeev Drug and food Control department
Those prominent citizens and government officials present includes, Parshotam Deechi, Ajay Bharti MLC, Gurdeep singh Director Health, Dr Geelani, , Ravinder singh Dir School Education. R.S. Jamwal Joint commissioner Municipality, B.S. Slathia President BAJ Dr. Katoch, Dr. Anita salgotra, Tilak Gupta, Gandhi Bharat EX-MLA Kapil Arora, K.k. Arora, Satish Sahara, Adv Vimal, Adv Kranti, Adv Sunil Malhotra, Adv Vandana, Jaideep Singh, Rajinder arora, Dr. Ramesh Supretendent Medical collage, Rajesh Gupta Sr. Vice president Chamber of Commerce, Diwan Bansal Zorawar Singh, Ashwani, Sanjeev Drug and food Control department, Ramesh Sabarwal, Dr Meenakshi , Dr Mohit arora, Rattan Singh Gill, Neeraj Aggarwal,Raj Daluja V.P. Gupta , Chander Mohan Sharma, , Dr. Arun Arora, Prabath, Suresh, Kulbhushan Grover, Rampaul and many others.