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BJP does away with practice of presenting bouquet

The State unit of BJP has decided to do away with the practice of presenting bouquets to dignitaries in party functions.This was communicated to all the District Presidents with copies forwarded the State Office Bearers and Working Committee Members through official communication signed by BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma, which said that the existing practice of presenting bouquets is not part of the party’s culture and needs to be done away with.

Sat Sharma said that since BJP is committed to the propagation and preservation of our rich cultural heritage and practices of showing respect in a very dignified manner, it has been decided that instead of presenting bouquets, the “Khadi Patka” or “Book” be presented as mark of respect and felicitation.

Elaborating on the subject, Sat Sharma said that our culture is very ancient, rich and diverse but there are many common practices, cutting across the language and other cultural lines. The practice of presenting ‘Patka’ is common throughout the country. Similarly, presenting a quality book to a dignitory represent our utmost reverence for the knowledge and ‘Saraswati Maa’.

The party’s decision was also shared and implemented in the just concluded State Working Committee Meeting of BJP at Rajouri and all the dignitaries were presented ‘Khadi Patkas’.