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BJP holds State Media Workshop

BJP held one day Media Workshop for the activists dealing in media for different Morchas and Districts in the State Office, Trikuta Nagar.

The workshop was addressed by BJP State President & MLA Jammu West Sat Sharma along with BJP State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Koul, State Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi, State Spokespersons Arun Gupta, Prof. Virender Gupta, Brigadier Anil Gupta and S.S. Bijral and Vice-Chairperson Balbir Ram Rattan. The welcome address was given by State Media Convenor Suraj Singh.

While addressing the activists, Sat Sharma said that today people of India are celebrating three years of corruption free Centre Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that the media is very important for the formulation of public opinion and it is the route to two way interactions between the Government, Administration and public which helps in better governance.

He said that, today Social Media is also playing very important role in addition to traditional media and asked all for their active involvement in it. He termed this as an eternal fight between good & evil and said that we are proud to be followers of good path. He said that habit of spending time on Newspaper and TV is also important. He also told the activists to responsibly represent the view of party in media.

He further said, that for achieving “Ek Bharat, Shresth Bharat” we have to follow the footsteps of PM Narendra Modi who dreams of equal rights and corruption free work for every Indian till 2022 which will be the time when India will be celebrating 75 years of its Independence from the foreign rule.

Ashok Koul, while having interactions with the various representatives of Morchas and Districts asked them to report any difficulties faced by them during their working. He asked them to work for their independent Media set ups. We must speak on facts and asked them to speak on facts, he added.

Sunil Sethi spoke about the proper working of Media Cell of the Party.

Arun Gupta spoke about the use of Social Media.

Virender Gupta guided all about the drafting of the Press Release.

Anil Gupta took the topic of handling and identification of issues.

S. S. Bijral guided all present about the role of Media as the National Strength and Balbir Ram guided about the ways for management of the media. State Media Cell Co- Convenor Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, who coordinated the whole event thanked the dignitaries and the participants from different parts of the State for attending the workshop.