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BJP Leader Sat Sharma (CA) extensively tours Janipur Area

Jammu: To take stock of problems being faced by the residents of Janipur, State Incharge of BJP Cells Sat Sharma (CA)  extensively toured the area and listened to the grievances of the people.  He was also accompanied by local residents of the area who apprised him of the problems they have been facing in their areas.

In a press statement issued, Sat Sharmastated about the worst conditions cropping in these areas which is leading to many problems being faced by the residents. He said that the basic necessities which a common man has the right to get are not being provided by the concerned departments to the people of the area.

He said that Municipal parks are in such worse conditions in these areas that they have now become a hub of diseases. They are not maintained properly by the Jammu Municipal Corporation which has turned into a disaster. He said that Commissioner, JMC should tour these areas himself so that he himself comes to know about the seriousness of problems which the public of these wards is facing.

He also stated that many construction works of various concerned departments are under process from so much time but till date the completion has not been done. He also highlighted various problems being faced by the people which included erratic electricity supply, dilapidated condition of roads, lanes and drains in the area, sanitation problem and hygienic conditions of the area.

Elaborating his statement, he also mentioned that proper maintenance is required in the areas and the officials of concerned departments should look into the matter seriously as the public is being facing many difficulties from a very long time. The BJP leader also assured the people that their issues will be raised up with the concerned departments.

Ashwani Kumar, Dineshwar Jamwal, Vishal Singh, Sahil, Varun Gupta, Mukesh Kumar, Ravi Sharma, Sachin Kumar, Shivendra Kumar were among the others who accompanied the leader during his tour.