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Ensure round the clock power supply to end woes of farmers: Sukhnandan

Expressing grave concern over the miserable plight of the small and marginal farmers, BJP MLA from Marh constituency SukhnadanKumar Choudhary today urged the state government to address the issue concerning the agrarian community in Jammu province. He said most of the transformers and tube wells have become dysfunctional and this has created serious problem for the farmers who at this point in time need round-the-clock power supply and adequate irrigation facilities.

“Draught-like situation prevails in most parts of Jammu province because of scant or no rainfall this year. The failure of the concerned authorities to get the damaged transformers repaired forthwith and make tube wells functional would cause irreparable damage to the poor and hand-to-mouth agrarian community in the region,” Choudhary said, and added that it is the fundamental duty of the government to pay special attention to the agriculture sector on which depends the very existence of the people and state.

Choudhary bemoaned the callous attitude of the authorities and said the pleas of the suffering farmers that they be provided regular water and power supply have failed to move them. This indifferent attitude of the authorities is unacceptable, he said, adding that the patience of the farmers is ending very fast and it would be in the fitness of things if they act before it is too late.