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BJP MLA Ravinder Raina visited the house of Shaheed Gowhar Ahmed Bhat

BJP MLA Ravinder Raina visited Shopian in South Kashmir at the house of Shaheed Gowhar Ahmad Bhat (BJP YOUTH LEADER) who was brutally killed by the Pakistani Terrorist few days back. He was accompanied by the Civil & Police administrator officers. Raina spent around two hours in native village of Shaheed Gowhar Ahmad Bhat and express his condolences and solidarity with the family members over the brutality of the Pakistani Terrorist. Large number of locals were also present and expressed grief over the brutal incident.

Expressing the condolence and solidarity with the family, Raina said that Shaheed Gowhar Ahmad Bhat is a role model for the youth of Kashmir as he was following the path of peace and brotherhood but the enemies of humanity and enemies of kashmiriyat killed the real son of the soil. Raina furthure said that Martydm of Shaheed Gowhar Ahmad Bhat will not go invain and it will be a turning point in the history of Kashmir. He said that the Pakistani terrorist and separatists are trying to destroy the Kashmir, they just want to grab the land of Kashmir and for that they are killing the innocent people. Raina furthure said that it is an eye opener for the people of Kashmir to see what Pakistan and its supporters did in Kashmir for last 30 years, except murders, Killings & Blood Shed nothing is done by these anti national elements, he added. Raina assured all sort of assistance to the family and asks the authorities to look after the security concerns of the family.