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Prof. Virender lambasts Surjewala’s statement

BJP State Spokesperson in response to the statement of National Communication Incharge of Congress Party, Mr. Randeep Surjewala said that Congress party instead of behaving as responsible largest opposition party has been acting like a party with destructive politics. It criticizes every action of the Modi’s government, whether it pertains to development works or other various projects of social welfare initiated by the Govt. or it concerns country’s foreign policy including relationship with Pakistan or the policy to deal with terrorism. The negative policy of the Congress would not pay it in log run, Prof. Virender said.

He condemned the statement of Surjewala that Centre has no policy on J&K and questioned him about the policy pursued by Congress party since the Jammu and Kashmir acceded to India. He held Congress party responsible for the present state of affairs. By patronizing the separatists and the communal elements of Kashmir valley Congress has committed a great blunder and worked against the interests of the country, the Spokesperson said. He stated that it was Congress leadership that backed Sheikh Abdullah’s desire to have an autonomous state within Indian Union while restricting Union powers to only three subjects, i.e. foreign affairs, defence and communication, by incorporating Article 370 in Indian constitution and by its unconstitutional act of imposing Article 35A by presidential order. He further said that it was another blunder act of Congress leadership to stop the advancement of Indian Army which was engaged in vacation of the parts of Jammu & Kashmir from Pakistan as invader and took the matter to the security council. The Spokesperson reminded Congress party of its wrong adventure to install Sheikh back on power in Jammu and Kashmir, it in 1975 stopped the process of complete integration of State with India, started by Gulam Mohd. Sadiq and Bakshi Gulam Mohd., that reversed the clock. He asked Congress party that “was it not responsible for the upsurge of separatists movement in 1990 and 2010 when it was sharing power with the National Conference in the state”. He said that Congress was on the saddle power both at the Centre and in the state when number of mosques and centres came up to spread Wahabism and Salafism, the pan Islamic movements that resulted into present turmoil with an objective to create independent Islamic State.

Prof. Virender advised Congress party to realize than Jammu & Kashmir is a national issue and all the well meaning people, groups and parties should jointly work to bring the people of Kashmir in the national main stream and support the efforts of the party that is in power, instead of indulging in its criticism. He said that efforts of the government depends on its judgement of the situation being at the helm of the affairs, both hard and soft policy are in the direction to achieve the target of bringing situation to normalcy,