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BJP organizes day long convention with workers at Dal lake

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today organized a day-long convention with the workers residing in Mirbehere Dal lake.

Hundreds of workers thronged to attend the convention which was addressed BJP senior leader and Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh.

Dr Singh insisted the workers to play their role in preservation of Dal Lake. “You are the direct beneficiaries of Dal lake, so take active role in its preservation,” he told the massive gathering, adding, clean Dal would directly benefit to the Dal community.

Dr Singh assured that those working as weed cutters in the Dal would be benefitted directly by the government and the wages would be directly deposited into their bank accounts.

“We have ended the role of middleman, now you will get wages of your work directly into your account,” he told the huge gathering.

Dr Singh also assured the community that any damage to Shikara during its use in de weeding activity would be provided financial assistance for repairing.

Dr Narendra Singh, State General Secretary and Incharge Kashmir Affairs during the convention said that BJP’s core policy is to reach the poorest man and help them in their upliftment. “We are here not only to ensure preservation of Dal, but the welfare of its dwellers,” he told the gathering.

Surinder Amberdar senior leader and MLC BJP said that he has his doors open for dialogue with all those youth who posse grudges. He said that there will be no condition for dialogue with our “own youth” as there is a sense of alienation prevalent due to poor reach out. “The reach out is poor and youths have not been heard yet properly. Our agenda is pro people and we will listen to them especially youth to address their grievances,” he said. MLC while addressing the gathering of hundreds at Char Chinar in the dal lake said that they organized to reduce the trust deficit and promote harmony. “In future we will continue with such pro youth programmes in the nook and corner of valley,” he said.

He said Panchayat and local body elections are over due. People empowerment can’t be viewed without these election. So, government should announce election dates as early as possible.

MLC Surinder Amberdar, Vice chairman Kisan Board Daljeet Singh Chib, Arif Raja, Molvi Tariq, MUshtaq Noorabadi, Asif MAsoudi, Hakeem Maoud and other senior members were present in the convention.