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BJP organizing seminar on “Demography change in Jammu-a Challenge”

The Department of Good Governance of State Unit of BJP is organizing a Seminar on “Demography Change of Jammu—A Challenge” on February 18. This was announced by BJP State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul, while chairing a preparatory meeting for the same alongwith State Spokesperson & Incharge Department of Good Governance Prof. Virender Gupta and Morcha Incharge Munish Sharma. The meeting discussed the arrangements for the smooth conduct of the one day seminar. It was attended by prominent activits of the party from Jammu city.

Ashok Kaul, while speaking about the objective of organizing the seminar, said that the most burning and disturbing issue concerning Jammu these days is the illegal immigrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh, who have settled in some parts of Jammu, which is a matter of security concern also. He said that these people may multiply by numbers and establish contacts with criminal and anti-nationals present in Jammu and Kashmir State in the process of establishing foothold in Jammu. The party wants to make the people of Jammu city aware about the dangerous consequences of the settling of Rohingyas in Rajiv Nagar, Qasim Nagar, Railway Basti, Bathindi, Bage Bahu, Malik Market and have almost merged in the local population, he said and added that the seminar will obviously serve as a warning call for the people of Jammu.

Prof. Virender Gupta said that these illegal immigrants are being assisted to get Ration Cards and some have even obtained Adhar Cards with the help of the local people. There is a large scale conspiracy to change the demographic of Jammu and the people should not take the issue lightly. He said that the seminar titled “Demography of Change in Jammu—A Challenge” is being organized to make the public aware of the risks involved. The presence of these people in Jammu city and its outskirts is creating worries in public mind, creating alarming security issues and need to be tackled with the united efforts. He asked the party activists attending the meeting to ensure the participation of maximum people in the seminar.