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BJP protests against “Congress & Leftists” at R.S Pura

Bharatiya Janata Party R.S Pura unit under the leadership of State Bharatiya Janata Party General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Koul along with M.L.A R.S Pura & Political Advisor to the State BJP President Dr.Gagan Bhagat and M.L.A Suchetgarh protested at the Daljeet Chowk and burnt the effigies of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and Left Parties leaders who gave the statement in favor of the Seditionists and mislead the country. While speaking on the occasion Ashok Koul said that the Congress ,Left parties and other anti-national elements are continuously trying to destabilize the country and are involved in holding rallies and programmes which are aimed to defame the country and support to the terrorists , Bhartiya Janta Party will not tolerate this and we will protest and make aware the people about the real character of Congress and the Left parties, it is very shameful that when some students and other anti-national people of the J.N.U holds a programme and praise a person who had attacked on the parliament ,and when the administration take action as per the law, the Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi and Leftist D.Raja sit in protest to release the accused student leader who raised the slogans against the country, the Congress should clarify its stand that they are with the people who love the country and are loyal towards the country or they are with the people who raise anti-india slogans and spread hatred against the country.Dr.Gagan Bhagat said that the people who are not faithful towards their motherland what you can expect from them, he appreciated the tough stand taken by the Home Minister Rajnath Singh, “ these anti-nationalists should be hanged immediately” said a senior B.J.P worker Balbir Singh, after burning the effigies of Rahul Gandhi and the Left part leaders.Dr.Gagan Bhagat addressed the gathering at the Daljeet Chowk and gave a stern warning to the persons who are responsible or will hold any such programme in the near future,he also lambasted Congress leaders for supporting the anti-nationalist ,and while taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi he said that, “Rahul Gandhi has no respect for his motherland , as we have all seen his role after the J.N.U episode , and what he want to say, the congress projects him as their P.M candidate , but the social media calls him “Pappu”, due to his these type of activities as he did at the J.N.U., he really don’t know what he want to do. He said that the B.J.P workers will not sit quiet and will strongly protest against Congress and the Left parties at every corner of the village , town and the city so that the real face of these people stands exposed ,who are busy in defaming the country.MLA Suchetgarh Sham Lal also spoke on the occasion, later on a huge rally was taken out in the R.S Pura town and slogans were raised against the congress and the left parties.The Mahila morcha of Bhartiya Janta Party also held similar protests at village Salehar, Rathana and Darsopura, the BJYM and BJP S.C Morcha also lead the protest march at various villages of R.S Pura Constituency , and cautioned the people about the nefarious designs of the Congress party to weaken the country and communalize the issue , but the country is now in the safe hand of prime Minister Narendra Modi and not the congress ,if anyone dared to praise the militants and disrespect the country who so ever he or she may be will be punished as per the constitution of the country and an example will be set for those who think that they can say anything on the pretext of “Freedom of Speech and Expression.” and the people like Prof.Geelani and Kanhaiya Lal will be dealt strictly as we have seen in the past few days.

Prominent among those who were present in the protests included Karan Bhagat,Distt.BJP Pradhan Brijesh Rana,Sr.BJP Leader Avtar Singh,R.S Pura BJP Pradhan Natharam,Miran Sahib BJP Pradhan Devender Sharma,Agh,Inder Sudan,Gurdeep Saini,Amir Singh,Omprakash Chachu, Charanjeet, Ashok Salaria,Shakti Singh,Rajesh Babbu,Jang Bahadur,and others.