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BJP rebuts NC criticism over cash assistance to DPs

Party must introspect what they did while in power : Balbir

State unit of BJP today strongly refuted the allegation of NC leader Ajay Sadhotra that distribution of Financial Assistance among Displaced Persons of POJK is biggest betrayal by the government with the refugees. Countering what the senior NC leader has stated, the BJP has said that before going public on such a vital issue, the opposition parties must introspect their own role and efforts, if any, over the same, while they were in power for decades.

BJP State Spokesperson, Balbir Ram Rattan, while rubbishing the statement of NC leader as nothing but outburst of  deep frustration and envy over the historic decision of Narendra Modi government at the centre for providing rupees 2000 crores package for DPs and the commencement of distributing of the financial assistance to the Displaced Persons of Pakistan Occupied Jammu & Kashmir, said that it was infact, NC and Congress, which remained in power for maximum time after independence but did not bother to consider the grievances of DPs on humanitarian grounds, leave alone having given sympathetic thought to it.

Strongly contesting the accusations, Balbir questioned NC leader as to what did his own party do during all these years after independence except befooling the hapless Displaced Persons and refugees from West Pakistan; how much financial assistance was provided to DPs and which of the long pending demands of West Pakistan Refugees were acceded by NC while in power in the State ? It would be in the fitness of things if NC first comes out with its own role in the past towards DPs and refugees from West Pakistan and then point fingers towards the sincere and committed efforts of the Modi government.

The BJP State Spokesperson wondered as to why NC is bent upon politicizing the issue instead of looking at it through the human angle and appreciate the step, which has been widely applauded by the beneficiaries. “Why doesn’t NC shun its cheap politics and stand by Modi government’s initiative”, he leader questioned the party leader.

Opposing every decision and action of the Narendra Modi-led government at the Centre and BJP coalition in the state has become part of the routine politics of the NC and Congress, Balbir said adding that  these parties have no concern over the plight and welfare of the DPs or refugees but remaining in news for the sake of political survival makes them to oppose everything, be it any  development issue, welfare or meeting the long pending and genuine demands of the people who have been living here for 70 years as refugees or Displaced Persons. However, the good thing amid this clamouring and criticizing attitude of the opposition is that people are paying no heed to their utterings, the BJP leader said.