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BJPMM finalize training workshop on Dec. 17

The meeting of BJP Mahila Morcha with Training Cell was held at Trikuta Nagar office, regarding the preparation of State Mahila Mocha Prashikshan Varg/Training Workshop to be held on December 17 for one day.

The topics to be delivered were discussed and finalized besides the names of the speakers also discussed.

The topics to be taken up in different sessions of this one day Prashkishan Varg / Training Workshop include Bhajpa ka Itihass aur Vikas, Ekatam Manavwad, Karyakarta-Karyapaddti, Kender va Rajya Sarkar ki Uplabhdiyaan, Rashtra ke semaksh antrik va bahari chunotian, Saidhantik Adhishtaan. BJP senior leaders and subject experts will share their views in the meeting.

This Prashikshan Varg/Training Workshop is being conducted under the nationwide programme of the party, wherein office bearers of BJP, its morchas, cells and other departments are to be trained at state, district and mandal levels with a motive of educating them about the principles, ideology of the party as well as programmes and policies of the BJP governments at the Centre and in the state.

This meeting was attended by BJP Training Department State Incharge Rajiv Charak, Mahila Morcha State President Purnima Sharma, Mahila Morcha Varg Pramukh Monika Khosla, Varg Prabhari Parshotam Sharma, Morcha General Secretaries Veenu Khanna and Sanjeeta Dogra.