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BJP remembers 1953 martyrs

Elders must pass on proud legacy to youth: Sh. Sat Sharma

In order to remember the supreme sacrifice of martyrs of 1953 agitation, who sacrificed their lives for the greater good of J&K state and the Nation, J&K BJP led by BJP state President & MLA Jammu West Sat Sharma along with MoS Rashpaul Verma, State Secretary Adv. Vijay Sharma, MLA Hiranagar Kuldeep Raj held an impressive function where common public gathered enmass along with the socio-political class to mark 65th Shaheedi Diwas at the Samadhiya Ground, Heera Nagar in order to pay their respect to the great men.

Sat Sharma, while paying homage to the great souls, recounted their heroic deeds and said that the people are remembered for their great deeds in this mortal world as nothing in this world is permanent and more important than the principles and love for one’s motherland. He narrated the incidents of 1953 while he swept with the feeling of patriotism along with the senior generation present in the gathering. He said that India has a history glorified with the acts of valour and pride and even small kids have sacrificed their beautiful lives while fighting and going down bravely for defending the very Earth we stand on. He stressed that the BJP has always stood for the right cause right from its inception as Jana Sangha or Praja Parishad and will keep fighting for establishing the Nation as the crown of the Universe. He appealed the other political parties to also come forward and take part in all such programmes which are organized in memory of the martyrs. Elders must pass on proud legacy to youth for the greater and brighter future of State and Nation, he added.

Rashpaul Verma asked to follow the footsteps of patriotic people who faced bullets for carrying Indian tri-color during the historic agitation of 1953 under the banner of Praja Parishad and said that the slogan of Ek Vidhan, Ek Nishan Ek Pradhan witnessed massive unity among the people across the state, Jammu province in particular, which was the outcome of the anti-national policies pursued by the then National Conference leadership.

Adv. Vijay Sharma while prompting the gathering to inculcate the habit of remembering great souls, said that it should not be mere a formality to assemble once in a year but regular programmes should be organized to make aware the masses about what exactly ignited the flames of agitation in 1953.

Senior Leader Adv. Th. Ranjit Singh, Ex MLA Durga Dass, District General Secretary(Org.) Inderjeet, District president Kathua Prem Nath Dogra, District President Samba Jangbir Singh Kaka Ram, Indu Rekha, Mohan Lal Sharma, Bhanu Prakash Gupta, Tarsem Singh, Sudesh Sharma, Mukesh Padha, Deepak Jasrotia, Dr. Hansraj Badyal, Naresh Goswami, Som Raj, Rajinder Bakshi, Ravi Salgotra, Ashwani Kumar Sharma, Sat Pal Salgotra, Pawan, Sunil, Bobbi, Sohan Lal Sharma, Ramesh Singh and others were also present during the ceremony.