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BJP SC Morcha conducts training workshop

In order to keep the Morcha activists updated with the development at political and organizational levels, BJP Anusuchit Jaati Morcha conducted one day training workshop under its State President & MLA Dr Davinder Kumar Manyal at party headquarter, Jammu. It was attended by Morcha State Office Bearers, District Office Bearers and Mandal Presidents.

Sat Sharma in his address, spoke on the motive of the organizing training work shop at different levels. He said that such exercises keep the party activists updated with the latest development in the political and organizational levels.

He said that the SCs in particular, remained neglected by the successive governments of the Congress from 1947. It was only BJP led govt under Atal Behari Vajpayee and now Narendra Modi led government, which felt the pain and miseries of the weaker sections and launched various scheme for their socio-economic upliftment.

Jugal Kishore Sharma, on this occasion, stressed upon the participants to understand the importance of attending the training workshop as it is the mean to polish the caliber and capacity of the activities. He said that the prime duty of the morcha activists is to fan out in the areas housing the population of SCs and educate them about the programmes and policies of the govt at the centre and in the state meant for the benefit at their community.

Dr. Davinder Manyal said that the success of any organisation depends on its cadre which should be well aware of the ideology, principles and agenda. Proper communication at all levels is the most important and the SC Morcha is working round the clock to remain in touch with the party activists up to the booth level. He also informed that out of 16 districts of Jammu province, 14 have been constituted and the Morcha will be fully operational in entire region within next few days.

BJP State General Secretary Harinder Gupta said that nationalism and social equality are two main things for the party activities. Nation first, party second and self last is the main mantra of BJP.

SC, ST, BC Development Corporation, Vice Chairperson, Balbir Ram Rattan, shared various welfare schemes for the benefit of the reserved category.

Morcha Prabhari N.D. Rajwal spoke on the need of a well knit organisational network.

Ex. SC Morcha President C.L. Kanathia, Morcha Gen Secretaries Dharminder Kumar, M.L. Rao also addressed the training Workshop.