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BJP stands by the side of Indian Army: Shamsher

Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha addressed a largely attended public rally along with MLA Choudhary Sukhnandan Kumar and Prabhari Aseem Gupta in Gajansoo in Marh Constituency.

While addressing the gathering, MP said that today whole of India is celebrating three years of good governance in the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Every single Indian today is having a ray of hope in the form of PM Modi, which was lost for since long due to the corrupted regime of ill governance by the successive Congress led Governments at the Centre. The Government machinery today has again started to create its policies keeping in view the welfare of the people. Showcasing the strong foreign policy of the Centre Government he made a special note of the Ministry of External Affairs and International Court of Justice and said that neighboring country will be given befitting reply for its every ill-motivated action in due course of time. He announced that the BJP stands by the side of Indian Army for its every decision and cautioned opposition for playing in the hands of enemy.

While speaking on the occasion, Choudhary Sukhnandan said that every single leader or the activist of the party is committed to the welfare of the People. The motto of BJP is “Nation First, Party Second, Self Last” and this is evident by the very fact that not even a single case of corruption on any party leader is seen in the time of the governance of BJP led Centre Government or the alliance Government in the State.

A similar programme was held in the Karan Palace under Raipur-Domana Constituency which was addressed by the MP Shamsher Singh Manhas along with Minister for Health Bali Bhagat.

Bali Bhagat while addressing the gathering said that today the Centre Government under the PM Modi and the State Coalition Government is working to address every basic issue of the population like “Self-employment scheme”, “Mudra Yojna” to reach the target of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas”. He claimed that even our State has advanced on the path of education, health and socio-economic growth with National institutions to every region of the State and major Projects at the offering.